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How To Craft The Best Maid of Honor Speech For Sister On Her Wedding

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The right time and moment have come for you to create your maid of honor speech on your sister’s wedding day. Nothing is more significant than making it for her, who has been with you through thick and thin. We will talk about how to craft the best maid of honor speech for your sister at her wedding, including tips and examples!

Since this is a special event for your sister and her husband, you want to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. Thus, you must give a speech with all the right qualities, such as personal, emotional, heartfelt, witty, and more. 

However, delivering your maid of honor speech for your sister on her big day is challenging, and you might feel slightly pressured. 

No need to worry about that matter because I have covered you! 

I’ll share some helpful tips and examples to ensure that you craft something remarkable with your maid-of-honor speech for your sister to make the whole room feel upbeat, delighted, and touched.


What is a Maid of Honor Speech?

The maid of honor speech, in its simplified structure, is a minute speech in which you will speak about how much you love your sister, how you can’t believe how she and her husband wonderfully found each other, and how you can’t wait to see them build a happy life together. 

Moreover, you will give several anecdotes, such as childhood memories, tales from your summer camp together, or spilling information that only you know. You will laugh, cry, and make a toast for the people as well. 

Still, if a part of you is worried about how things may come together, we have a few tips, a maid of honor speech outline, and examples you can see in the latter part of this article. 

What is the Expectation of the Maid of Honor?

A maid of honor can be many things for the bride: a ball of energy, a worker bee, and even an emotional lifeboat. This idea may sound like plenty of pressure, but it is not so bad because you will enjoy it. 

You might be in charge of the bachelorette party and bridal shower and lead the bridesmaids’ troop in every part of the planning until the wedding day. 

maid of honor speech for sister

As the maid of honor for your sister’s wedding, you must know your expectations and what you are getting into. The table shows the duties expected of the maid of honor throughout the wedding process. 

Leading the bridesmaids Coordinating with the bridesmaids May extend help with the bride’s post-wedding duties.
Hosting a bridal shower Assigned to hold some things for the bride Be a reminder of the unique and memorable moments.
Helping out the bride with the little tasks Signs as a witness in the marriage license of the newly married couple  
Being emotionally there for the bride  Makes sure that the bride remembers to eat and drink at the reception  
  Be the bride’s bathroom assistant.  
  Helping out by keeping tabs on the wedding gifts  
  Have fun  

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Although you have been with your sister from your diaper days until adulthood, it is still quite hard to compose a perfect maid of honor speech for her wedding day, given that you might also fear public speaking.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to feel troubled because we are here to guide you in crafting and letting out your creative juices. The start is always tricky, but you will eventually have fun while creating your maid of honor speech for your sister once you have grasped the idea.

Covered below are some essential pointers, such as a maid of honor speech outline and tips for writing it.


Maid of Honor Speech Outline

Obtaining a classic Maid of Honor speech outline can help you prepare and start even though the Maid of Honor speech takes several distinct forms.

maid of honor speech for sister

 If you are unsure what to write and include, you can follow these steps to create a traditional and beautiful maid of honor speech for your sister that everybody will love. 

1. Introduce Yourself to Everyone

First, consider that not all wedding guests know who you are and how you are related to the bride. 

You should start your speech by introducing your name and relationship with the bride, and if you are her best friend, mention how long you have known each other. 

2. Thank All the Guests

Planning a wedding is quite stressful, expensive, and demanding much time. It is best to take a moment in your maid of honor speech for your sister to thank your parents.

I also thank the guests who were present and helped make a memorable wedding day happen. 

3. Share Some Stories

After introducing yourself and thanking the people, you can now start sharing some stories of your choice. This part of the maid of honor speech outline has many distinct paths you can take.

You may share an embarrassing experience you and the bride share to get the wedding guests laughing. You can also choose a touching anecdote about the couple, which might make everybody cry.

4. Add a Meaningful Quote

You can add a meaningful and relevant quote to add more depth to your maid of honor speech for your sister. In selecting the quotes, make sure they have meaning for you and the happy bride. 

The quote can also be relatable for the groom and the attending guests. I recommend leaving out the inside jokes you and the bride only know because not everyone will get a hold of it. 

5. Convey a Heartfelt Emotion

In this part of the maid of honor speech outline, regardless of what tone you want for your speech, it is always preferable to take a moment and acknowledge the beauty of the couple’s big day. 

Even the funniest speeches during the wedding have a touching moment because everyone can feel the speaker’s heartfelt emotion. 

Remember that in making your maid of honor speech for your sister, you must consider a combination of being funny and sentimental to maintain the best balance. 

6. Give a Strong Ending

Give a strong speech ending by telling a final story, a quote, or making a toast for the newlyweds. Consider that your maid of honor speech ending will be the part guests are most likely to recall, so this maid of honor speech outline’s section reminds you to be creative. 


The Dos and Don’ts

Since you are familiar with your maid of honor speech outline, let us get into the “dos and don’ts” of your maid of honor speech for your sister on her wedding day. Knowing the things and thoughts to include and not is essential to ensure that you craft the best possible wedding speech ever. 

Start with the opening about who you are and how you are related to or know the bride. Don’t open your speech with a joke.
Tell a story about what you love the most regarding the bride, which is your sister. It will help if you do not mention that she might be the last one to find her life partner.
Briefly describe how you recognized that she met her one true love. There should be no comparison of the groom to the bride’s past boyfriends or their names on the wedding day.
Say what aspects of the groom you like, such as how he lovingly treats your sister and your family.  It would be best not to create an awful joke about wanting to make a groom’s clone and date him.
Concentrate on addressing the couple in your maid of honor speech, not just the bride alone. Refrain from inserting inside jokes that you and the bride only share.
Share only positive and touching stories in your maid of honor speech for the sister that best highlights the bride on her wedding day. Avoid an abrupt, anti-climatic ending in your maid of honor speech for your sister on her big day.
I wish the bride and groom beautiful things in their future together.  
Make a distinct speech ending.  

7 Tips for Writing a Wedding Speech for Your Sister

Being the maid of honor includes specific tasks, and one of them is to spend some time, effort, and feelings to write a notable wedding speech for your sister. 

We doff our hats to you if you love speaking in front of us. However, if the thought of being in front of a crowd makes you want to pee, don’t panic because we have some tips.

We have listed seven helpful tips to teach you how to craft your maid of honor speech for your sister on her big day. Eliminate those nervous butterflies and deliver it with poise and confidence

1. Prepare and start creating your speech as early as possible.

Starting early for your speech is preferable to having enough time to gather your thoughts and write something genuine. Allot time for yourself at least three weeks before the wedding day to prepare and begin writing your maid of honor speech.

Trust us; we know it is tempting to procrastinate doing your speech, considering that talking in front would only accumulate around three to five minutes. However, don’t listen to that laziness kicking in your system.

No matter how good and creative you are as a public speaker, it is best not to wing your speech; instead, it is better prepared, especially for a significant occasion.

2. Make your speech more personal.

Don’t be worried when your tears start flowing and the tissues come out of your pockets during your maid of honor speech. Let your sister acknowledge how much you treasure and love her and that you are always there when she needs you.

Above all, extend your heartfelt gratitude to your sister because she chose you as her maid of honor on her most awaited day. 


3. Have a perfect balance between being witty and emotional

You must be engaging and funny because you don’t want the wedding guests to be bored and have a snooze fest. However, remember that you are also not a stand-up comedian that day. 

Ensure that you crack some jokes but with limitations. Create your maid of honor speech for sister extra-special by balancing emotions and personal moments.

4. Include meaningful moments that you shared with the bride

You are the bride’s sister; of course, you have known her all your life. This thought indicated that you have to tell everybody about your moments together.

Your maid of honor speech for your sister focuses on her best qualities. You can describe your relationship and explain your unbreakable bond with her as you grew up and even to this day.

5. Practice your speech

Practicing for your maid of honor speech is also practicing your speaking skills. There are various ways in which you can practice, such as the following:

  • Utilize your smartphone and take a video of yourself while delivering it. Review the footage and clean your speech based on your comments to yourself.
  • Use the mirror technique to watch yourself in real-time and observe your facial expressions and speaking skills.
  • Have someone as your audience and listener, and gather their feedback regarding delivering your maid of honor speech.

Give an epic Maid of Honor speech, practice with Orai

maid of honor speech for sister

6. Give some compliments to the groom.

Besides focusing on your sister’s best qualities, which I previously mentioned, add some compliments about your sister’s spouse. You may want to tell everyone about your first impression or when your sister told you about him.

In another case, if you knew the groom first and played cupid for them, you can explain to the wedding guests what made them realize their love for each other. You can also say his attributes that will make your sister happy for the rest of their lives as one. 

7. Thank the guests at the beginning and end of your speech

Lastly, thank all the guests at the beginning and end of your speech. This gesture is a sign of acknowledging their time and effort in attending a significant occasion. 

The Formula for a Maid of Honor Speech

Not everyone gets excited about speaking in public or at a large gathering. You might worry or fear about public speaking and get some jitters on the spot. 

If you are super nervous and freaked out during your speech, besides the maid of honor speech outline, use the formula for a maid of honor speech:

  • “I love you both (the bride and groom) so much.”
  • Add an anecdote about the newly married couple and their relationship.
  • I wish for their happiness together.
  • Make a toast
maid of honor speech for sister

How Can the Sister of the Groom Prepare a Speech?

Your brother has been there with you your whole life. On his wedding day, he might ask you to be one of the speakers who will give a speech to him and his lovely wife. 

To help you prepare and nail that sister of the groom speech, here are some steps to take and consider:

  1. Gather your thoughts.
  2. Decide on your speech structure.
  3. After having a good idea about the theme, start writing it.
  4. Review and revise if necessary.
  5. Take time to practice your speech.
  6. Deliver it well.

What is a Suitable Gift to a Bride From Her Maid of Honor?

Most wedding attendants always want to give the bride and groom a gift that they will love. Of course, as the bride’s maid of honor, a part of you wants nothing but to hand an extra special gift to your sister. 

She selected you as her right-hand woman on her once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, so a creative and meaningful present is a method to exhibit how significant she is in your life. 

If you are currently searching for an ideal gift for the bride, we listed the best presents a maid of honor can give to lessen your work. 

  • Personalized Kimono Robe with the bride’s initials
  • Custom-made sister necklace
  • Bridal ring dish
  • Cosmetics bag
  • Spa kit/Spa gift card
  • Wedding journal
  • Personalized “Mr. & Mrs.” champagne flutes
  • Instant camera

Some Great Examples

Since I already mentioned the introduction about the maid of honor speech, maid of honor speech outline, and some helpful tips, we are now down to the maid of honor speech examples sisters do on the wedding day. 

Besides the usual sister-of-the-bride speeches, you can check an example of the maid-of-honor speech for best friend below. Use them as a reference, and let that creative juice come out!

For Best friend

Is your best friend now marrying the man of her dreams and choosing you to be her maid of honor? Don’t panic with your speech because we got you a heartfelt maid-of-honor speech for your best friend, an example that indeed stirs everyone’s emotions.

For Little Sister

Big sisters are like mothers to their little sisters. You grow together, and seeing such an important person get married can get extremely emotional. Incorporating some anecdotes from your childhood into your speech is a great idea. Emotional speeches are heart-touching and can easily be one of the important highlights of the wedding. Here’s an example that you might want to check out:

For Big Sister

During your sister’s wedding day, you might want to deliver a funny speech that will make everyone laugh and feel touched. Here is an example of a funny maid of honor speech for big sister:

What is the third key idea discussed in the speech, and what advice does the speaker give the newlyweds about marriage?

Forget the crystal ball! Their future’s an adventure, so buckle up! Embrace the unknown, hand in hand, and see where your hearts take you. Life throws curveballs, but with love, trust, and laughter on your side, you’ll hit them out of the park. Talk it out, compromise, and conquer every joint decision, from dream jobs to houses. The future’s unpredictable, but that’s its beauty! See it as an exciting playground, not a scary unknown. Grab hands, take risks, and laugh along the way. Remember, with love as your compass, you can weather any storm together. Now, raise a glass to the grand adventure that awaits!

What is the second key idea discussed in the speech, and what does the speaker mention about their shared experiences with the sister?

Remember those epic Love Island marathons in college? Laughter, tears, and maybe even some TV-throwing – good times! Little did we know, those reality show sessions were an audition for [Sister’s spouse’s name]. They could handle the drama just as well as we could! Seeing them join the fun, laughing and yelling alongside us, I knew they were perfect for [Sister’s name]. Don’t worry, though, our reality show nights are still sacred – nothing can break that bond! But now, we can share the laughs with one more amazing person. Cheers to [Sister’s name] and [Sister’s spouse’s name], and to reality TV for bringing us all together!

What is the first key idea discussed in the speech, and what does the speaker say about the bond between the sister and her spouse?

Admit it, I had my doubts at first. But [Sister’s spouse’s name] won me over, fast. Not just kind and caring, they pour their whole heart into [Sister’s name]. Random flower surprises? This is just one example of the little things they remember. The love runs deep. They make each other laugh, support their dreams, and face life’s adventures as a team. It’s heartwarming to see, and I couldn’t be happier for my amazing sister!

What advice does the speaker give to the newlyweds for their future?

Life’s an adventure, not a stagnant scene. Remember, you’re both growing, changing, blossoming! Support each other’s journeys, embrace the new versions of yourselves, and watch your love bloom even brighter. Chase those dreams, cheer each other on, and remember, teamwork makes the dream work. Life throws curveballs, but you’ll hit them out of the park together if you stay flexible and united and face every challenge hand-in-hand. Now, raise a glass to the ever-evolving, always-amazing you two!

How does the speaker describe their sister’s partner?

Remember that warm family dinner? [Sister’s name] glowing, everyone laughing – that was when I knew [Sister’s spouse’s name] was special. They have a way of making everyone feel welcome, seen, and heard. They’re not just kind; they’re some of the most genuine, caring people I know. Over the years, that hasn’t changed. They fit right in, enriching our family with their warmth and humor. They were meant to be part of our lives. Cheers to [Sister’s name] and [Sister’s spouse’s name], the perfect addition to our crazy crew!

How does the speaker describe their relationship with their sister in the past?

Hey everyone! [Sister’s name]’s Maid of Honor here, and so thrilled to celebrate her today! 28 years of sisterhood – that’s a lot of laughs, secrets, and late-night talks. Remember childhood giggle fests and living room dance parties? We were more than sisters, we were best friends. And seeing her kindness and compassion blossom over the years fills me with pride. Our bond only grew stronger through thick and thin, laughter and tears. So thankful for this amazing woman and honored to be her Maid of Honor as she starts this new chapter! Cheers to [Sister’s name]!

What is the opening of the speech, and who is speaking?

Hello everyone! Can I hear a cheer for the happy couple? As [Sister’s name]’s Maid of Honor, I’m beyond excited to celebrate with you all today. Seeing so many familiar faces here today – and let’s face it, everyone looks incredible! – fills my heart with warmth. Your love and support mean the world to her and me. So, thank you for coming, and let’s raise a glass to [Sister’s name] and [Partner’s name]!\

Can you use props in your speech?

Spice up your speech, but don’t let props steal the show! Photos, videos, or special objects can add heart and humor, but remember, they’re there to support your words, not replace them. Choose wisely, use sparingly, and make sure they seamlessly connect with your stories and emotions. Keep the spotlight on you and your message; your props will do their magic, leaving everyone with a heartwarming memory!

How long should your Maid of Honor speech be?

Aim for 3-5 minutes of magic! Keep it short, sweet, and heartfelt. Think of bite-sized stories with genuine emotions, and avoid droning on forever. Leave them wanting more, not wishing for you to be done. Remember, you’re making memories, not endurance tests. Make it concise, personal, and captivating – your sister and the guests will thank you!

What are some ideas for sharing defining moments in your relationship with your sister?

As a large language model, I don’t have personal experiences like having a sister. However, I can help you choose defining moments to share. Reflect on shared challenges you’ve overcome, secrets that make you laugh, or times her friendship saw you through tough situations. Highlight how you’ve grown together or the lessons you’ve learned. Did she inspire you? Share that admiration. Recall joyful memories, her unwavering support, and how she makes you a better person. Choose stories that showcase love, growth, resilience, and the unique bond of sisterhood. Remember, keep it personal and focus on themes that resonate with your relationship. Good luck!

How do you write the perfect Maid of Honor speech?

Forget formulas. Find your voice! Your Maid of Honor speech should sing with your unique connection to the couple. Pick a theme that ties it all together – love, laughter, a defining moment of theirs. Start warm, thank guests, and introduce yourself. Share a cherished memory that reflects the bride’s amazingness. Then, paint a funny, touching story of their love. Look ahead, expressing joy for their future, sharing dreams, or offering lighthearted advice. Finally, raise a glass with heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Remember, it’s less about structure and more about genuine emotion. Let your love and connection shine through!

Can you provide examples of Maid of Honor speeches for a sister?

The examples inspire and guide you in writing your Maid of Honor speech for your sister. Consider what you like about the examples and how you can personalize them. Look for techniques like personal stories, humor, and genuine emotions. Five specific examples are provided for further inspiration.

How can you end your Maid of Honor speech on a memorable note?

Express your joy for the couple’s union with a smile and a heartfelt toast. Incorporate a callback to a theme or story from the speech, linking it to their journey and your wishes for their future. Choose a memorable quote that embodies their love story. Share insights about love and marriage, encouraging them to grow together. Highlight their positive impact on your life and express your gratitude towards them. Offer a heartfelt blessing, expressing your wishes for their happiness and prosperity. Your speech should leave them feeling loved, appreciated, and excited for their journey together.

How can you balance humor and emotion in your speech?

Hook them with a funny intro, then let the feels flow! Start with lighthearted stories or jokes to draw attention, then gradually weave in more emotional anecdotes and heartfelt messages. This ebb and flow between humor and sentiment creates a captivating arc and keeps the audience engaged. Steer clear of offensive humor – aim for tasteful jokes that complement the happy occasion. To strike the perfect balance, blend funny moments with personal stories that showcase your bond with the bride. Hand in hand, laughter, and tears make for a truly memorable speech!

How can you compliment the spouse in your Maid of Honor speech?

Keep it clean and celebratory! Skip anything too private or embarrassing that might raise eyebrows. Pick a funny story that shows their personality or a sweet moment that reflects their connection. Express your gratitude for the joy they bring, mentioning how they make gatherings special and create lasting memories. Share how they’ve impacted your sister, highlighting their support, empowerment, or encouragement. Remember, it’s a happy occasion, so keep it warm and joyful!

How can you make your Maid of Honor speech personal?

Make it personal, heartfelt, and packed with sisterly love! Highlight her unique qualities through special memories and inside jokes. Don’t be a comedian, but sprinkle in some wit to keep folks engaged. Share stories that showcase your bond and make the audience feel your love. Be genuine, express gratitude for being her Maid of Honor, and shower her with love! Remember to mention her best qualities through specific stories, letting everyone see how amazing she is. This speech will be extra special because it comes straight from the heart!


Being your sister’s maid of honor is both a privilege and a responsibility. It might be nerve-wracking to give your maid of honor speech for your sister on her wedding day, but always remember that your heartfelt words will make your utmost efforts worth it. Find more public speaking tips and examples, and check out Orai, your AI-powered speech coach,  to practice your speech skills:

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