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350+ Presentation Topics That Will Appeal to Any Audience

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A presentation can be nerve-wracking, may it be for first-timers or pros, as you must turn a critical issue into a dynamic, persuasive, and informative one. Before you enhance your oratory skills and overcome your fear of public speaking, you must brainstorm excellent, fun topics for your presentation.

When doing a presentation, you cannot start a thing without coming up with a presentation topic. It is harder to find the best subject than prepare the lecture, as you need to be specific about the topic you want to present.

Besides oratory skills and PowerPoint mastery, you need to have informative and fun topics for presentations that can influence the audience. Watch this and get more ideas about informative topics:

One of the best ways to nail a presentation is to choose the best presentation topics that fit your expertise and target audience.

How to Choose a Good Topic

Choosing the best one out of informative presentation topics can be daunting and confusing if you want to create an informative speech or lecture. Here are some considerations that you must know.

  • Purpose. Deciding your goal determines what your audience will bring after your talk, especially for persuasive presentation topics. Here is a video on various topics about persuasion:

  • Audience. Consider your audience’s demographic profiles and common ground when choosing presentation topics and connect them with their interests, beliefs, and social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Interests. Determine what presentation topic ideas you are most passionate about and what you know the most. Interesting topics for presentation give a head start upon your research phase, ensuring a well-received discussion for the audience. Get useful guides on how to keep your audience interested in this video:

  • Credibility. To convince your audience about the pieces of information that you will discuss, choosing a credible and well-backed lecture is another plus.
  • Conciseness. From 12 seconds in 2000, humans’ average attention span decreased to eight seconds in 2017. Thus, being concise is another essential factor in choosing presentation topics, as having a wordy title can confuse or intimidate your potential audience.

Tips on Turning a Boring Topic into an Engaging Presentation

presentation topics

You might have been feeling dejected as you had to prepare for a talk with no fun topics for presentation. It is hard to turn psychology discussions into engaging ones, knowing that this field has jargon and cases that can make your lecture dull.

However, instead of blaming your subject for being boring, avoid being dull instead. Here are some tips on turning a boring topic into an interactive one.

presentation topics

What are the Good Topics to Present in a Speech?

Now that you have skimmed through the tips and ways to choose fun topics for a presentation, making a speech on time needs a good presentation topic. Out of random presentation topics, here are some prominent ones that might give you some ideas.

Interesting Presentation Topics

  1. Ancient Greek Heroes Modern Interpretation
  2. Antidepressants and Their Effects on the Human Brain
  3. How Bad Nutrition Affects a Person’s Appearance
  4. Traces of Romanticism in Well-known English Literature
  5. Influences of Music on Mental Health
  6. How Religion and Politics Blend Within a State
  7. Most Famous and Nerve-wracking Novels, Books, and Plays
  8. How Traditional Herbs Get Approved
  9. Effects of Being a Polyglot
  10. Being Productive During Pandemic

Good Presentation Topics

  1. Disney Films’ Most Famous Actresses
  2. How Media Affects Gender Stereotypes Portrayal
  3. How Beauty Contests Affects Women’s Self-esteem
  4. Differences Between Religion and Cult
  5. Gambling Effects on Human’s Mental Health
  6. Most Authoritative Politicians and Political Parties
  7. Ways to Improve the Health Systems
  8. Preparation and Prevention Against Natural Disasters
  9. Ways to Alleviate Insomnia
  10. How to Build Good Relationships Between Children and Pets

5-Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Best Apps to Improve Academic Performance
  2. Airport First-timers: Step-by-step Instructions
  3. Easy-to-make Breakfast Recipes
  4. How to Avoid Procrastination
  5. Making Money During Holidays
  6. How Social Media Lowers Self-esteem
  7. Working Remotely: Pros and Cons
  8. Best Online Business and Professions
  9. Why Trust Your Intuition
  10. Reasons to Learn Foreign Languages

Fun Topics for Presentation

  1. How Rock ‘n Roll Started
  2. Rare and Expensive Coffee Types
  3. Best Self-development Books for Teens
  4. Choosing a Specialty in College
  5. Secrets of a Healthy Relationship
  6. Benefits of Art Therapy
  7. How do Journalists and Bloggers Differ From Each Other?
  8. The Origin of Languages
  9. Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
  10. Makeup Life Hacks and Tips

Safety Presentation Topics

  1. Common Mistakes in General Safety
  2. Dealing with Ergonomic and Workplace Stress
  3. Coronavirus Precautionary Measures
  4. How to Deal with Violence
  5. Fire and Electrical Safety
  6. Reportage, Prevention, and Liabilities in Workplace Accidents
  7. Safety Precautions Against Heat Exhaustion
  8. Common Workplace Injuries
  9. Communication Issues and Safety
  10. Emergency Response Efficiency

Easy Presentation Topics

  1. Adverse Effects of GMOs on Health and Life
  2. Effective Ways to Improve Old People’s Health System
  3. Most Iconic Censorship on Social Media
  4. Most Prominent Female Political Leaders of All Time
  5. How to Avoid Being Late
  6. Globalization and Its Effects on World Population
  7. Smiling Therapy Positive Effects on Mental Health
  8. Advancement of 3D Printing and Its Benefits
  9. How Music Helps in Learning New Languages
  10. Dealing with Child Prodigies

Controversial Speech Topics

Controversies are all around us, especially online resources. Finding a controversial topic must fit your passion and knowledge; otherwise, it might negatively impact your discussion.

Controversial Leadership Topics for Presentation

  1. LGBTQ Rights
  2. Abortion: Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life
  3. Benefits of Multiculturalism in a Society
  4. Security and Privacy Concerns about Electronic Voting
  5. Gun Control Laws and Limits
  6. Journalism Ethics and Corruption
  7. Euthanasia Vs. Right to Live
  8. Death Penalty Pros and Cons
  9. How Mandatory Minimum Penalties Impact Federal Sentencing
  10. Torture as an Interrogation Tactic
  11. Electoral College Abolishment
  12. Is World Peace Possible?
  13. Same-sex union
  14. Lowering Criminal Liability Age
  15. Banning Animal Experimentation
  16. High Taxation Rates
  17. Freedom of Speech and Its Restrictions
  18. Embargo and Censorship: What to be Publicize
  19. Insanity Plea as an Excuse
  20. Tobacco Regulation

Controversial Topics for Teenagers

  1. Hookup Culture and Its Impact on Teens
  2. Bullying and Cyberbullying
  3. Banning Pornography in E-libraries
  4. Causes of Depression and Other Mental Illness in Teens
  5. Teen Suicide Liability
  6. Prohibition of Gambling for Teens
  7. How to Educate Teens About Drugs
  8. Dealing with Eating Disorders in Teens
  9. When Should Teens Start to Vote
  10. How Parents Should Deal with Teens’ Romantic Relationship
  11. Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education
  12. Health Impacts of Fast Food for Teens
  13. How Being a Fan Impacts Teens
  14. Possibility of Living on Mars
  15. Why Media Literacy Important for Teenagers
  16. How Teenagers Can Fight Top Environmental Problems
  17. Dealing with Diversity in School
  18. Military Recruitment on Campus
  19. Pros and Cons of School Uniforms and Dress Code
  20. Plan B Contraception Access for Minors


presentation topics

What are Some Presentation Ideas for School?

For school purposes, you must find informative but fun topics for presentation as students have a lesser attention span than adults. Here are the presentation topics for academic and educational causes.

Presentation Topics for College Students Presentation Topics for High School Students Short Presentation Topics for School
Health Care System and Laws TV Commercial Impacts How to Use Social Media for School
Worldwide Free Internet Access Pros and Cons 2. How Volunteering Benefits Students 2. How to Work in a Diverse Environment
Video Games and Its Impact on Cognitive Skills 3. Virtual Reality and Its Phenomenon 3. Gentrification Phenomenon
How to Fight Poverty 4. How Glass Ceilings Impact Businesses 4. How to Pursue Free-tuition University
Social Media Influences 5. Greenhouse Effects 5. How Cinemas Evolved Through the Years
Internet Safety Insurance 6. How the Respiratory System Operates 6. Ideologies about the Global Internet
Modern Female World Leaders 7. Proper Usage of Modern Tools and Devices 7. Alternative Energy Sources and Its Benefits
The Phenomenon of Binge-watching 8. Greek Mythology Importance 8. How to Deal with First-time Job Application

presentation topics

Science Topics for Presentation

Science presentation topics are among the most in-demand discussions for students and teachers in technical educational institutions. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Physics Topics for Presentation

  1. Is Physics Based on Theory or Practice
  2. Why We Need to Study Physics
  3. Newton’s Third Law as the Universal Formula
  4. Why Every Student Needs to Learn Physical Formula
  5. Is Physics Dependent on Math and Science or Vice Versa
  6. Why Physics Necessary for Knowledge Testing
  7. How to Deal with Difficulties in Physics Lesson
  8. Most Important Topics in Physics

Chemistry Topics for Presentation

  1. Why Alchemists Seeks Philosopher’s Stone
  2. Chemists Who Are Nobel Prize Awardees
  3. How Chemical Weapons Become Main Threat for War
  4. How to Choose Quality Water
  5. Making a Kid Interested in Chemistry
  6. Hair Biochemistry and Its Process
  7. Effects of Lack of Chemical Elements in a Human Body
  8. Safety Precautions for Chemical Products

Biology Topics for Presentation

  1. How the Future Lies in Crossroads of Biological Sciences
  2. How to Avoid Harmful GMO Foods
  3. Secrets of Centenarians
  4. Allergic Reactions Caused by Dust
  5. Can a Person Survive Without Clean Drinking Water
  6. How Sports and Nutrition Determine Human Health
  7. Vaccination and Its Effect on Genotype
  8. Best Houseplants for Air Purification

Geology Topics for Presentation

  1. Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions as Causes of Dynamic Geology
  2. Geomorphology: Intersection of Geography and Geology
  3. Space Geology in the Field of Cosmology and Planetology
  4. Geological Timeline from Solid Formation to the Holocene Era
  5. Geological Events Absolute and Relative Age
  6. Methods and Principles of Geology
  7. Geodynamics: The Relationship of the Earth’s Core and Crust Processes  
  8. Microstructural Geology: Micro-Level Rock Deformation

Astronomy Topics for Presentation

  1. Differences Between Astronomy and Astrology
  2. The Possibility of Life on Mars
  3. History and Discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy
  4. Does Astronomy Only Study Stars?
  5. Astronomy as a Separate Subject in School
  6. Reasons Why Fewer Entrants ChoAstronomynomy
  7. What Happens If the Sun Died?
  8. Why Our Future Depends on Astronomical Studies

Technological Science Topics for Presentation

  1. How Technology Improves Living Standards
  2. Technology and Its Effect on Cancer Treatment
  3. How Cybercriminals Use Technology
  4. Benefits and Threats of Artificial Intelligence
  5. Saving Time on Internet Technology Usage
  6. Technological Evolution from the Middle Ages to the Present
  7. Diffusion Rate of Technology in Developing Countries
  8. Taking a Break from the Internet

Multimedia Science Topics for Presentation

  1. Multimedia Features and Classification
  2. Creating a Multimedia Presentation
  3. Features of Online Multimedia
  4. Benefits of Multimedia in Business
  5. Usage of Multimedia in Computer Games
  6. How to Create Training Courses Using Multimedia
  7. Becoming a Multimedia Specialist
  8. Multimedia and Its Relation to Science

Cultural and Social Presentation Topic Ideas

This aspect mostly concerns psychology and sociology students. Here are some fun topics for presentations that you can check out.

presentation topics


  1. Culture and Traditions of Native Americans
  2. How History Connects with Culture
  3. How Cultural Knowledge Increases Chances of Success
  4. Identifying Emigrants by Cultural Characteristics
  5. Why Students Need to Learn About Culture
  6. Importance of Cultural Appreciation
  7. Pros and Cons of Diversified Culture


  1. Best Sociology Books for Starters
  2. Sociology and Its Express Research
  3. Empirical Research
  4. Causes of Social Phenomena
  5. Mathematical Methods in Sociology
  6. Social Trends Analysis and Development Patterns
  7. How to Collect Sociological Information


  1. Becoming a School President
  2. Why a President Needs Leadership Skills
  3. Ways to Raise a Child as a Leader
  4. Is Leadership an Innate Skill or a Result of Experiences?
  5. Responsibilities of a Leader
  6. How Family Relationships Affect One’s Leadership Skills
  7. Winning a Leadership Scholarship


  1. How Individual Differs from Social Ethics?
  2. Politics and International Relations Ethical Principles
  3. Ethical Communication Rules in Social Media
  4. Business Ethics and Relationships
  5. Why Learn Etiquette Knowledge
  6. Ethical Issues on Famous Artworks
  7. Knowing About Corporate Ethics

What are Some Presentation Ideas for Healthcare?

There are many physical and mental health topics for school and other conferences, but having fun topics for presentations is essential to make your lecture less complicated. Here are some of the presentation topics that might suit your interest.

presentation topics


Psychology Topics for Presentation

  1. The Need for Psychologists in Kindergarten
  2. Best Universities for Psychology
  3. Choosing a Suitable Psychologist
  4. Outcasts Children: Psychology Victim
  5. Psychological State and Its Effects on Productivity
  6. When Do You Need a Psychologist
  7. Can a Person with a Mental Disorder Become a Psychologist?

Mental Health Topics for Presentation

  1. Mental Fatigue: Causes of Failure
  2. Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health
  3. Recognizing and Avoiding the Onset of Depression
  4. Causes of Mental Health Disorders
  5. How Physical Affects Mental Health and Vice Versa
  6. Dealing With Mental Breakdowns
  7. How Music Improves Mental Health

Health Topics for Presentation

  1. Why Do Pharmacies Sell Over-the-counter Medicines?
  2. How Allergic Reaction Works
  3. Sports that Can Improve Health in a Month
  4. Signs of Bad Immunity System
  5. Legalization of Marijuana
  6. Centenarians’ Secret to Good Health
  7. Healthy Habits Before Exams

Nutrition Topics for Presentation

  1. The Necessity of Reading a Product’s Composition
  2. Nutrition Effects on Skin Condition
  3. Determining Necessary Ratio of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates
  4. Tips for Restrictive Eating Disorders
  5. How Sports Nutrition Can Be Dangerous
  6. Why Being a Nutritionist a Good Career Choice
  7. Why Quality Nutrition Determines One’s Success

Nursing Presentations

  1. Nursing Career and Its Growth
  2. Critical Moments on Painkiller Usage
  3. Patient Safety During Nursing
  4. Patient safety during nursing
  5. Career Growth in Nursing
  6. The use of painkillers: critical moments
  7. Health Assessment: What to Check
  8. Features of caring for patients with mental disorders
  9. Postoperative patient care
  10. Features internships and practices for nurses

Dental Presentations Ideas

  1. Teeth Processes for Babies
  2. Molar Extraction Process
  3. Wisdom Tooth: Necessary or Not?
  4. How Chewing Gum Affects Tooth Enamel
  5. Causes and Treatment for Oral Cancer
  6. Diet for Braces

Medical Presentations

  1. How to Call an Ambulance
  2. Dealing With Addiction
  3. Highly Addictive Medical Drugs that You Don’t Realize
  4. Primary Stab Wound Treatment
  5. When Surgery Becomes Necessary
  6. Traditional, Alternative, and Modern Medicines
  7. Preventing Sport Injuries
  8. Insomnia Treatment With No Pills
  9. Anti-aging Pills: When to Avoid It
  10. Why Go or Reject Posthumous Donation
  11. Euthanasia and Its Effect on Suicide Rate
  12. How to Avoid Child Obesity
  13. Pros and Cons of GMOs
  14. Diverse Ways to Improve Healthcare
  15. The Need for Legal Framework on Plastic Surgery Regulations

What are Some Presentation Ideas for Business and Management?

Finding business presentation topics is more difficult as you must show in-depth knowledge of your chosen idea. Here are some of the presentation topics that you can check out.

presentation topics


Strategy Topics SWOT AnalysisHow Corporate Ethics Boost SalesFeatures of International BusinessesCustomers DemandUnderstanding the Latest MarketWhat is Next for the DepartmentHow to Grow Your Online Business
Challenging Topics Communicating With Controversial InformationDealing With Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceMicroaggressionsCrowd Management and SafetyResolving Workplace ConflictCross-Cultural CommunicationResponding to Negative FeedbackManaging Controversy at WorkHow to Respond to Hostile People
Management Topics Managing New EmployeesHow to Be an Effective SupervisorBecoming a Better ManagerHelping Your Employees/Direct Reports GrowHow to Mentor Others in the WorkplaceProviding FeedbackBecoming a Better ManagerWhat New Managers Need to KnowManagement StylesHelping New ManagersTransitioning to Management of a New Department
Inspirational Topics Positive Stories the Company’s PastCustomer TestimonialsMaking a Difference at WorkFinding Meaning at WorkPassionate People the Company’s HistoryPositive Personal ExperiencesMaking a Difference in Your CommunityHow to Inspire OthersPositive Thinking at the WorkReaching Potential at WorkReaching Potential in LifeReaching Personal GoalsChanging Into Good Habits
Continuing Education Topics Food Preparation and SafetyFundamentals CoursesCompliance CoursesLiability Prevention Courses
Entrepreneurship Topics Recognizing New OpportunitiesWhy Every Business Needs Legal AdvisorStarting a Small BusinessProduct Idea BrainstormingHow to Market a New BusinessThinking Like an EntrepreneurFirst Employee Hiring Dos and Don’tsSecuring Finances for New BusinessAdvantages and Disadvantages of Starting Online BusinessCreating an Effective Elevator PitchStartup CultureQuestioning an Organization’s Status Quo
Productivity Topics How to Create Effective CalendarTask Lists BenefitsEffective Time ManagementTools for Time Tracking MethodsDemonstrative Speech and Its Benefits to BusinessHow to Boost Productivity by Hacking the BrainTaking Efficient Breaks Dos and Don’tsGood Habits MaintenanceWays to Feel Better and More Productive in the AfternoonHow to Get More Done in Less TimeDoes Getting Enough Rest Increase Productivity? Diet for Better ProductivityPreventing Obstacles to High Productivity
Workplace Safety Topics Fire PreventionDealing With EmergenciesIllness PreventionSafety Precautions for Machine OperationsInjury PreventionEnvironmental SafetyHazards Effective ResponseManufacturing SafetyChemical Exposure PrecautionsOffice Worker SafetyProtecting Customer/Visitor/Shopper/ClientHealthy Habits for WorkersHow to Create a Safer WorkplaceSlip/Trip/Fall PreventionPromoting a Safe Workplace Culture

How a Good Topic Helps on Public Speaking (SECS Elements)

Having the right choice of presentation topics can help meet the Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Confidence, and Simplicity (SECS) public speaking elements due to these reasons:

  • A good topic can make you sincere in communicating with your audience.
  • Fun topics for presentations can also increase the audience’s enthusiasm.
  • Fun topics for presentations also give you confidence as it lessens awkwardness.
  • The right topic makes your presentation concise, straightforward, and informative at the same time.

What does a perfect day with the family look like?

Imagine a day filled with laughter, shared meals, and playful adventures. Waking up refreshed, a family connects over breakfast, sharing dreams and creating plans. They explore together, be it a museum visit or a quiet picnic, finding joy in nature, or friendly competition. As the sun sets, reflections filled with gratitude paint the evening, solidifying the love and connection that makes the day perfect, not for its grandeur but for the simple treasures of being together.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” children explore a world of possibilities. Each child has unique dreams, from doctors to astronauts, artists to veterinarians. Their dreams may change as they grow, but nurturing their curiosity helps them find their true calling.

What’s one habit you want to eliminate and one you want to keep?

Aiming for personal growth, I’ll axe the time-sucking social media scroll and double down on the mood-boosting, energy-zinging exercise routine. Recognizing habits are key, I’ll actively fight for a more balanced and fulfilling life, one mindful step at a time.


Presentation topics are the key to a successful lecture, bringing more opportunities for your career. Choosing among tons of ideas out there can get confusing, but give it a serious thought as your topic impacts your overall presentation.

presentation topics
presentation topics
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