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7 Tips to Acing Your Interview Presentation

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An interview presentation is a short, persuasive presentation that an interviewer can ask you to deliver in lieu or in addition to a sit-down interview. Your interviewer may ask you to prepare an impromptu presentation on the day of the interview, or you may have some days to prepare.

Interview presentations allow employers to assess your skills and determine if you will fit into the organization well. I have several tips and examples that will help you ace your presentation. But let us look at the proper interview greeting etiquette first.

How to greet an interview panel

Interview etiquette demands that you greet every staff member you meet at your interview location, from the receptionist up until you meet your interview panel. When you get to the interview panel, you have to walk up to them with a smile. Give them an individual handshake and a ‘Good Morning.’

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How should you introduce yourself in an interview?

After greeting the interview panel, you have to introduce yourself. Ensure you have a prepared greeting or check out some interview presentation templates to sound professional before you go for the interview. State your full name, educational background, and skill. It can go like this,

My name is Robert, and I’m a Marketing graduate here for the digital marketing associate role. I have a strong background in digital marketing, and I would love to become a valuable member of your team.”

How to introduce myself with a presentation in an interview

When you have to give an interview presentation, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself. The introduction for a job interview presentation can be more detailed than that for a regular interview, and it should lead to the next part of your interview presentation. You can find several interview presentation templates online, such as, 

Good Afternoon. My name is Robert, and I’m a marketing graduate with over two years of digital marketing experience. I’ve always been passionate about digital marketing and finding smarter ways to promote a brand. I have developed strategies for so-so brands and helped increase their brand visibility by 15% in 2 months. I’m here to talk about how those strategies can benefit this organization in a so-so way.”

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What are the best interview skills?

1. Research

One of the things employers look out for in an interviewee is their research skills. You should show them how well you can research and how prepared you are for the interview presentation. Sometimes, they can test you by asking you questions about the company that you would only know if you had put in the effort before attending the interview presentation. You can find such questions in many interview presentation templates online.

2. Verbal and written communication skills

You require excellent verbal and written communication skills to succeed in your interview presentation. Verbal communication skills allow you to deliver your presentation in clear, concise words without depending on a crutch. Interviewers also look out for your ability to enunciate, speak confidently, and convince with your words. If you use an interview PowerPoint presentation, you need good written communication skills in your slides.

3. Non-verbal communication skills

Body language, gestures, and body management are important communication tools that tell much about you and your thoughts. You need good body management and maintain the right posture for confidence and optimism. Your body language and hand gestures can also signal your confidence, nervousness, and excitement, so you must use them correctly.

4. Soft skills

Soft skills include communication skills, people skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence, and social skills that show how well you relate. You need these skills to fit into the work culture, so the interviewers will look out for those skills they consider important.

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5. Ability to perform under pressure

One of the employers’ top requirements is the ability to perform under stress and supervision. Many interviewers use the job interview presentation to test you for those abilities. How you prepare and deliver your interview presentation within a limited time can inform them of your diligence, efficiency, and intelligence level. You need to double-check everything and make sure you deliver an excellent presentation to remove any doubt about your abilities

6. Organizational skills

Organizational skills are highly sought-after, but they are notoriously difficult to recognize. Different organizations have their requirements, so you may not know exactly what they need. Still, you must show as many organizational skills as possible, including time management, planning, efficiency, creative and critical thinking, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. 

How to improve my interview skills

You may not have all the required skills for your interview presentation, but you can always develop them with some effort. Some of these skills are general skills you should have regardless, like verbal and written skills. While some of them are specific to the role for which you applied.

You can find several interview presentation ideas and tools to help you improve those skills. There are also interview presentation templates, samples, and ideas that are creative enough for you to adopt for your benefit. With some practice and determination, you can develop any skill you need.

7 Tips to Acing Your Interview Presentation

1. Focus on your topic

When giving your ideas and topics, you must have the main one to base the presentation on. Usually, the interviewers give you a few topics to choose from so you can choose one to deliver confidently. Keep on track, and don’t go too far off your point.

2. Give your presentation a structure

Every interview presentation needs a structure that follows from start to finish. Your presentation’s structure gives it a clean, defined look that, in turn, makes you seem efficient and organized. Also, when you have a structure, keeping track of your delivery is easier.

3. Do your research

Once again, research is important if you intend to leave a lasting impression on your interview presentation panel. Your research has to cover the topic of your interview presentation, the position you’re applying for, and the company you want to hire you. 

4. Go along with the time limit

Interview presentations usually have a time limit, especially if multiple people are present on the same day. You must stay within the time limit and avoid getting cut off in the middle of your speech. Time management is important so you don’t skip out on any important points.

5. Use a ‘less is more’ approach

When delivering a job interview presentation, you have to keep in mind that quality trumps quantity. It would help if you kept your job interview presentation as concise as possible, leaving room for questions at the end. Also, your slides should be understated and simple, with each slide containing one simple message. Keep the number of slides to a minimum.

6. Study your audience

Studying your audience is essential because it lets you plan your interview presentation around their needs and expectations. Job interview presentations for entry-level staff and senior positions usually have different audiences and interviewers, so you can’t use the same interview presentation templates for both. 

7. Keep your interviewers engaged

Your job interview presentation should not be a one-sided lecture where you load your interviewers with more facts. You should aim to engage them throughout the delivery and always keep their attention on you. Make your interview presentation ideas exciting and interesting so they don’t get bored halfway through it.

How to start your presentation

  •  Start with an icebreaker.

Interview presentations are usually professional and impersonal, so you can start with an icebreaker to lighten the mood and get your audience interested. Try starting with a personal story, an interesting fact, or a thought-provoking question.

  • Speak for a short while without your slide.

Your presentation slide should be an accompaniment, not the main part of your interview presentation. So, try introducing your presentation first without your slide to give yourself a head start.

  • Introduce your topic with a visual aid.

Using visual aid to introduce your presentation is a great way to begin your slide and immediately grab people’s attention. You can prepare a title slide with an image, infographic, or video introducing your presentation topic.

  • Use appropriate props

To avoid boring presentations, you can incorporate some Interview presentation ideas creative enough to blend well with your topic while entertaining your audience. Props are great for creating conversations and getting people involved with the presentation.

  • Engage the panel with an activity.

The activity doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. You can get them to ask questions, begin a discussion, and answer a few of your questions. Your aim should be to keep your interview presentation as engaging as possible.

How to end your presentation

  • Summarize your message on a final slide.

End your presentation with a closing slide summarizing your main points and focus message.

  • Give an oral summary with a final word.

Also, summarize the presentation orally and end it memorably. Some interview presentation ideas creative enough for your ending include asking an open-ended question, tying your ending into a memorable quote, or ending with an impactful call-to-action.

  • Reiterate why you want to work in the company.

Remember to do this without sounding too desperate. Some better interview presentation ideas that are creative enough for you are to make them see what they will miss by not hiring you and clarify that you have fresh ideas for the company.

  • Encourage questions

As usual, open the floor for questions.

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How to crack an interview presentation

  • Use a presentation tool

You can create a great PowerPoint presentation to help you with your presentation. Create some slides and, if possible, some handouts for your audience. Visual aids are also important when delivering an interview PowerPoint presentation. It would help to have them highlight your key points and get your interviewing panel’s attention. 

  • Know what to expect beforehand.

Before you proceed with your interview presentation, you need to find out as much as possible from your hiring manager. Ask questions about the topics you have, the panel of interviewers, and every resource you will have at your disposal. More information can help you prepare good interview presentation ideas.

  • Land a great delivery.

No matter how good your interview presentation is, if you don’t have a good delivery, you won’t make a good enough impression on your interviewer. To ensure that your delivery is good, practice the interview presentation well and, if possible, get feedback that will help you make the necessary adjustments.

  • Create an outline 

Your interview PowerPoint presentation must always have a structure. Don’t go in with the expectation of winging it because mistakes can harm your hiring chances.  Create a proper interview presentation template, and make sure you follow the outline.

  • Practice the interview first.

Ace your interview by practicing with Orai

What is the best way to impress the interviewer?

1. Be yourself

As redundant as this may sound, many people still walk into interviews, acting out a script that they think will endear them to their interviewers. They don’t know that people can usually spot a fake, which can make it difficult for the panel to warm up to them.

2. Dress appropriately

Your dress announces you the moment you walk into your presentation and is the first thing your interviewer will judge. Ensure that you are wearing appropriate attire and that you look put together. No stray threads and hastily worn outfits will gain you a point during this interview presentation.

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3. Arrive early

As I mentioned earlier, punctuality is a great way to show your efficiency and organization. Always arrive at the interview at least 10 minutes early. If your interviewers have to wait for you, you won’t earn any points in their book.

4. Show your passion for the position

While interviewing candidates, most interviewers look for those they believe will take their positions seriously. While you don’t want to seem too eager, you can show your passion for the job through your interview presentation. Tell them what you can bring to the table, which will grab their attention.

5. Carry a physical copy of your resume

Many applications happen online, so carrying along some physical copies of your resume may seem unnecessary. But you always have to be ready for any eventuality. You might refer to the document, or an interviewer might ask for a copy, and you don’t want to look unprepared if that happens.

6. Be polite

Politeness and courtesy are traits you always want to use in an interview presentation. Apart from good life skills, they can endear you to your interviewers. Treat them all with respect, even the staff who greet you outside. 

7. Always mention what you can do for the company

As you give your interview presentation ideas, always mention your skills and background. Tie your presentation to your previous achievements and the skills you bring. Also, address the position requirements every chance and make them see why you are fit for the job.

8. Come prepared for the interview questions

You should always prepare for the interview presentation questions you expect from the interviewer. The interviewer will likely want to know how much you know, so you should check out interview presentation templates to find relevant interview presentation questions. You will leave a good impression on your interviewers if you answer them brilliantly.

9. Answer your questions brilliantly 

At the end of your presentation, your interviewers will likely ask you a few questions concerning your presentation and judge you based on the quality of your answers. You want to answer those questions excellently and leave no doubt in their minds that you’re fit for the position.

10. Be memorable

Interviewers likely hear several interview presentations daily, so you must do something to make yourself stand out. Do you have a unique skill? A hobby? Find ways to leave a lasting impression after your interview presentation. After the interview presentation, you can send a follow-up email or note to ensure they don’t forget you.

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Interview Do’s and Don’ts

What to do  What not to do
Always do your research on the company and position Attending the interview with little knowledge of the parent company
Dress formally unless otherwise stated. Keep your makeup and perfume neutral and understated Wearing casual clothes, like flip flops and graphic t-shirts, no matter how clean they are, and wearing too much makeup or cologne
Smile when approaching your interviewers and offer to shake their hand Violating the interviewer’s personal space
Write down important points in a note and carry it along with you Being rude to the support staff
Address each interviewer by their correct title Bringing personal beliefs like religion and politics into your presentation
Observe good posture Use slang and abbreviations while presenting
Take time to answer questions Badmouthing your current or previous employer
Act confident and positive Going into the interview with your phone on

What is the 5/5/5 rule in presentation design?

The 5/5/5 rule in presentations keeps things simple: 5 words per line, five lines per slide, and five consecutive text-heavy slides max. This forces conciseness, clarity, and visual appeal, preventing information overload and boosting audience engagement. Remember, less is often more!

What are some common mistakes to avoid in interview presentations?

Nail your interview presentation by avoiding these pitfalls: Be punctual, research the company, dress professionally, keep past employer talk positive, come prepared with documents and practiced answers, project confidence with good body language, offer concise and clear responses, and showcase achievements humbly to avoid sounding arrogant. Remember, first impressions matter!

Why is providing solutions to common issues important in an interview presentation?

Involve solutions in your interview presentation! It shows you’re a problem-solver, not just a talker. Addressing company challenges demonstrates your resourcefulness and proactive thinking, making you stand out and showcase your potential value to the team.

How can discussing industry trends in an interview demonstrate knowledge and relevance?

Discussing industry trends in your interview presentation proves you’re more than qualified. You’re proactive and strategic. It shows you stay informed, think critically about the future, and understand how trends could impact the company. You’re not just in the know but prepared to lead the way.

Why is it important to share weekend activities during an interview presentation?

Don’t just talk skills; share your life! Weekend activities in your interview presentation show you’re more than a resume. They reveal your personality, values, and even team spirit. It helps the interviewer see if you’d fit in and add positively to the company culture. Think well-rounded and engaging!

How can candidates stand out from a pool of competitive candidates during interviews?

To ace your interview, plan your presentation, highlight achievements, share personality tidbits, discuss industry trends, and offer solutions. Be authentic and creative, and leave a lasting impression with a hard copy (if relevant). This will set you apart and show you’re more than just another candidate!

What are the best presentation ideas for interviews?

Nail your interview with a killer presentation! Plan well, showcase achievements, share personality glimpses, discuss industry trends, offer solutions, be creative, and stay authentic. Hand out a hard copy for an extra touch. Stand out, impress, and land the job!

What topics should be covered in an interview presentation to impress hiring managers?

Own your interview with a presentation that wows! Start with an attention-grabber, connect personally, and use visuals & activities to stand out. Summarize powerfully, show genuine interest, and invite questions. Be smooth, confident, and well-prepared with a clear structure and practiced delivery. Shine through with authenticity, professionalism, and passion. Highlight your value, answer questions like a pro, and be unforgettable. Research, dress sharp, exude confidence, and you’ll leave a lasting impression that lands you the job!

Why is providing a Hard Copy of the interview presentation beneficial?

Don’t be caught resume-less! Even with online applications, always bring physical copies to your interview. It shows preparedness, helps you reference info, and avoids tech troubles. Be ready, be professional, and land the job!


An interview presentation is a great way for an employer to know more about you, assess your skills, and see if you fit the role. This is your chance to impress them, and several interview presentation ideas are creative enough to impress an interview panel in this article. Know them and apply them to your other interview skills.

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