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Public Speaking Careers

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Why do you think so many people sound better and more knowledgeable on texts than they do on calls or in person? Do they lack knowledge? I don’t think that’s the case. Then what could be the issue? The issue is that they lack the skills to confidently share that knowledge. Yes, the skill we’re talking about here is public speaking, the ability to communicate your ideas in an effective manner.

So many talented, knowledgeable, and experienced people often suffer in their careers due to lacking this crucial skill. More often than not, people with relatively less expertise are promoted over others because of their ability to speak. Soft skills are frequently overlooked in educational institutions as they aren’t considered essential for careers. But the fact is that public speaking is an advantage no matter what your career is. Can you name a job that requires a lot of public speaking?

How do you make money public speaking? Is it even possible? 

A question I’m often subjected to is how to make money with public speaking; honestly, there is no one way to go about it. Public speaking careers are plentiful, and you can leverage your skills to earn in more ways than one. There’s an abundance of public speaking opportunities available for all kinds of people and even more opportunities to improve your public speaking skills.

Public speaking isn’t just a skill that can give you an edge over others; you can literally have a public speaking career. Today, there are ample careers that involve speaking as the main objective. So why not turn your gift of gab into a full-fledged public speaking career that pays the bills? It’s certainly possible!

As expressed in the words of poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” If you want to learn more, check out this YouTube video by our founder, Danish. 

What are the public speaking career options?

As I mentioned before, there are a bunch of careers that involve speaking. So, let’s talk about some major public speaking careers. 

Teacher / Professor

This is an unexpendable profession, and I’m certain we’ve all met at least one teacher in our lifetime. It is also a career that might not come to your mind while considering public speaking careers. But truth be told, teaching and public speaking cannot be separated; they’re like two peas in a pod. Teachers take on the responsibility of imparting knowledge to future generations. It’s a job that requires a lot of public speaking because, without effective communication, teaching is not as effective. Being a teacher requires you to be able to express your ideas and concepts clearly to your students with confidence.

Public speaking careers


Our list would be incomplete without a lawyer because if they don’t speak up and speak up well when needed, someone can end up behind bars. Being a lawyer requires you to be articulate and eloquent with your words, often in front of a tough crowd to please. As a lawyer, you have to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. As a speaker, you will be able to make your mark in the lives of victims of faulty law. Your research and expertise matter, but ultimately, it comes down to whether you can steer the judgement in the right direction with your words.

Public speaking careers

Motivational Speaker

This profession literally has the word speaker in its name. As a motivational speaker, you are someone people look up to for solutions. It is a public speaking career like no other because as a motivational speaker, you don’t just need to have the audience’s attention, you also have the responsibility of steering them in the right direction. For this career, you need to make sure that you connect with your audience and inspire them to make changes in their lives and outlook through your communication skills. As in the words of the famous author, Robin Sharma, “Words can inspire, words can destroy, Choose yours well” pretty much sums it up.

Public speaking careers

T V Personalities 

For someone in the television industry, public speaking partially earns them their bread and butter. Millions of people watch television as their daily source of information and news, hence for them, it’s important the speaker is eloquent and clear. It’s not just about what you say on TV, it’s also about how you say it; your body language, your tone as well as your gestures matter. For example, you can’t give the news of a fatal disease while smiling. Instead, you will do it with a look of concern. It’s a career that requires you to be aware but also can improvise whenever needed. Hence, a good command of public speaking is imperative.

Public speaking careers


Actors, comedians, hosts, and even theatre artists each of their careers revolve around public speaking. Presentation skills form a major chunk of public speaking, and entertainers do just that; they present themselves differently. To be able to convey and deliver messages in a variety of settings, you need to have control over your words, your body language, and your voice, and moreover, you need to be able to do all that and more with confidence. As an actor/theatre artist, you need the audience to be in the moment with you and be a part of the scene. You can only do that if you have a command over yourself. As a comedian, you need to hold the audience’s attention and amuse them simultaneously, something only a skilled public speaker can do.

Public speaking careers


As a spokesperson, your job requires you to convey messages clearly from one party to another. You link the audience and a celebrity, a political figure, or an organization. Your job literally depends on your clear communication capabilities. Spokespersons interact with important people like event organizers and media professionals daily. You always need to uphold your client’s image and ensure that all announcements made regarding them are done in the best possible manner. You must always deliver the message keeping the interest of your client in mind, and you can only do that if you’re well-versed in the art of public speaking.

Public speaking careers


Does this one really need an explanation? Politicians are public figures who are always under the scrutiny of the masses. They simply cannot be lousy public speakers. Look at any celebrated politician. One thing that they all have in common is their ability to persuade and move the public with their impactful discourses and speeches. From election campaigns to political debates on Prime television, politicians spend a lot of their time delivering speeches on various topics. As a politician and policymaker, your speeches can actually make a difference.

Public speaking careers

Speech Coach

I’m sure you’ve heard some impactful TEDx speeches. Who do you think is behind them? Usually, it’s a speech coach. As a speech coach, you don’t just need to be good at public speaking but also absolutely brilliant at it. You can’t help someone else with their speeches if you don’t have a good grip on yours. Speech coaching can take a mediocre monologue to a moving speech that everyone in the audience will remember, and that should be your goal exactly. In this role, you get paid to be good at public speaking and make your client even better. 

Public speaking careers

Now, you can name a job that requires a lot of public speaking and beyond! 

How do strong communication skills contribute to personal branding, self-promotion, and showcasing one’s unique value proposition in a competitive job market?

Strong communication is key to success in today’s job market. It empowers individuals to showcase expertise, experiences, and value – from captivating resumes and cover letters to nailing job interviews. By effectively articulating strengths, achievements, and suitability for a role, individuals stand out, enhance their personal brand, and land their dream job.

Why is adaptability and change management crucial in today’s work environment, and how does effective communication aid in navigating through organizational changes?

The ever-evolving workplace demands adaptability and effective communication. To stay competitive, individuals and organizations must embrace change, actively learn, and openly communicate updates and reasons behind new initiatives. This transparency builds trust, reduces resistance, and fosters smoother transitions, even in uncertain times.

How can strong communication skills help build a professional network and advance one’s career?

Masterful communication is your key to unlocking a thriving professional network. From clear introductions to engaging discussions, these skills open doors at conferences, online, and everywhere. Express yourself effectively, showcase your talents, and actively connect. The power of communication propels your career forward, fostering collaborations and paving the way for growth and advancement.

What are some examples of jobs that don’t involve public speaking but still require good communication skills, according to the passage?

While public speaking isn’t essential in every role, strong communication skills still reign supreme! Software developers code clearly, data analysts craft impactful reports, and graphic designers speak through visuals. Even accountants and engineers, masters of numbers and diagrams, rely on communication within their specific contexts. The message is clear: communication, in diverse forms, unlocks success across various professions.

What role does effective communication play in problem-solving and decision-making within various job roles?

While public speaking skills like captivating presentation delivery are valuable, remember that effective communication shines even brighter in everyday tasks. From articulating problems to gathering information and proposing solutions, clear communication fuels successful decision-making and fosters collaboration. Don’t just work for true professional success.

Beyond public speaking careers.

Until now, we’ve only talked about careers that involve speaking at their core, but in any profession, public speaking is an asset. Take the corporate world with all its presentations for example, what good is a well-made PowerPoint presentation if the presenter cannot explain it well? 
Today, you have all the tools to improve your public speaking at your fingertips. It’s never too late to excel at the crucial skill of public speaking. There are many ways you can get started and secure public speaking opportunities. You can start with Orai, an AI-powered speech coach in your pocket! Download it here today.

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