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Funny speech

A funny speech is a speech full of humor and wit that keeps your audience entertained and laughing. It is generally an informal speech, and it is intended to be as funny as possible. Typically, a funny speech is given by a comedian or entertainer, but anyone can write a funny speech with the right instructions.

Tips for writing a funny speech

  • Write down your jokes. It is easier to start coming up with jokes when you can write them down and review them. Make sure they are relevant to the audience you’re speaking to.
  • Always take time building the set up of a joke, rather than focusing on only the punchline. If you don’t set the joke up, it won’t land very well.
  • Surprise your audience with some edgy jokes and possibly criticism. Be careful not to go off-limits, or the joke will become offensive.
  • Make use of puns and double meanings. They make your jokes a lot funnier and give the audience a surprise at the end of each joke.
  • Use self-deprecating humor. That is one way to get your audience laughing, even if they are laughing at you.
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