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Wedding Speech

A wedding speech is given at a wedding by any guest at the wedding. The main speech givers are the groom, best man, and father of the bride, but any guest present can give a short speech or toast to the couple. Giving a wedding speech is not as difficult as it seems, especially for less traditional weddings. Once you are called upon to give a wedding speech, you have to keep things simple and short.

How to give a wedding speech

  • Keep your speech short and meaningful
  • Add some jokes but be careful not to go overboard
  • Appreciate the couple and state how you know them
  • Tell a few anecdotes if you have the time
  • Give them some marriage advice
  • Thank the rest of the guests for coming and raise a toast to the couple

For specific types of wedding speeches, click the links for information on each one: best man wedding speech, maid of honor wedding speech, and father of groom wedding speech

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