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Groom speech

A groom gives a groom speech at the end of the wedding ceremony. It is also called the vote of thanks because the groom takes that opportunity to thank his guests, family members, and loved ones. Traditionally, this speech is supposed to follow the speech made by the bride’s father. Here’s how to make the best father of the groom speech:

Usually, a groom’s speech is semi-formal to informal, depending on the relationship between the groom and his guests. Many people prefer to give a funny groom speech, but groom speeches can be more formal, emotional, or even dramatic. The speech should be heartwarming experience as it is supposed to be a special moment.

When giving a speech, the groom has to make proper use of the time. The speech shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes at most. Also, all jokes in the speech have to be appropriate for the event. Part of the speech should be dedicated to his new spouse, but he shouldn’t forget to thank everyone that brought gifts and attended the wedding.

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