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Father of the Groom Speech – Wedding Tips & Rehearsal Dinner Guidelines for Dads

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Cheers to one of the most significant events of your son’s life! As the groom’s father, you’re probably one of the first persons he reached out to for this special occasion. How does it feel like when you’ve heard the big announcement? Whatever your reaction may be, you would think it’s finally time to impart some knowledge for years of settlement.

Fathers of the groom have a unique role in a wedding. And who would want to come unprepared for their roles and duties? Everyone expects dads to creatively welcome their son and soon to be daughter-in-law in the world of marriage. This is the special moment you ought to stand up in front of your friends and relatives to give the best father of the groom speech. We will be talking more about this later.

In the meantime, since the moment comes off once in a lifetime, there may be things you are having a hard time preparing for. Delivering the father of the groom rehearsal speech is one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking parts of a dinner reception. But do not fret. We’re here to provide you with the most reliable guidelines and speech key points to deliver the most heart-melting father of the groom speech.

What Does the Father of the Groom Do at the Wedding?

Sometimes, dads do wonder: what exactly should I do at the wedding? At first glance, you would think that fathers’ specific roles at the wedding are not lengthy and effortless to plan. However, these duties are essential and play an important role in marriage. Aside from giving the father of the groom speech, there are other things you need to acknowledge. 

You already have your roles as soon as you’ve heard the news. Initially, you have to be there at your son’s side, especially when it comes to giving advice and taking paths. Let your son know that you support him no matter what by participating in his decisions when asked.

Traditionally, you would escort the groom’s mother to your seats. Some father of grooms hosts the engagement parties, while others welcome and greets the guests. Organizers usually inform what you would do in the reception at most times. But most importantly, you would lead the toast in the rehearsal dinner as you deliver the father of the groom rehearsal speech

What Does the Father of the Groom Do at a Wedding?

Here’s a detailed guideline we provide you for successfully acknowledging duties and responsibilities. As the groom’s father, you would prefer to show your support by initiating your roles. So here are your specific purposes before the wedding and following the father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech.

Duties Before the Wedding

Your son would need you now more than ever. Right after the announcement, there are some things you need to take care of. Here are some of them.

  1. Reaching Out to Relatives

As a father, may it be your responsibility to announce your relatives about the special occasion. Be sure to get your son’s approval since there are times when they need some time before getting ready. Make sure that all the invited would come on time, as you inform them of the date.

  1. Wedding Cost Contribution

You might as well offer a little help. As we all know, weddings and ceremonies are expensive, and your son may be needing a monetary contribution. Make the arrangements as flexible as possible.

  1. Outfit Preparation

The couple will inform you about the outfit, and you have to order something related to it. Traditionally, the groom and his father wear the same suit; make that a hint. In modern times, the organizer would prepare it for you. Make sure you wear the best clothes as you deliver the father of the groom speech.

  1. Groom’s Enjoyment

You want to make the best out of your son’s last days before the wedding. Ceremonies have several factors and arrangements to consider, so what if you try to invite the groom for a little enjoyment? Hang out with your son and serve it as bonding.

  1. Support and Pieces of Advice

Your son has come a long way. You could share with him your hindrances and experiences for him to acknowledge what’s ahead of life. Pieces of advice don’t have that much influence; it could be as simple as suggesting a location. Save the best narratives for the father of the groom speech part.

Duties During the Wedding and Reception

Finally, the big day has come! You will undoubtedly feel mixed emotions about the moment. But don’t let it influence your significant role. Here’s what you should do aside from preparing for the father of the groom speech.

  1. Reassure Your Son

You might be feeling a bit different at the moment. But what about your son? He certainly would feel uneasy at some point, and you have to make him think that everything would be alright. You have prepared for the wedding so that it would go smoothly.

  1. Receiving Line

Here is the part where you and the couple would greet the guests. Do your best, and offer them your most welcoming side! Just don’t get too drawn on conversations; other people are waiting in the line. If you think there’s something you need to tell everyone, mention it at the father of the groom speech part.

The father of the groom is placing a white corsage on the groom's chest.
  1. Walking Down the Aisle

You have to escort your wife, assuming the mother of the groom, towards your seat. However, there are certain ceremonies where the groom’s father leads him down the aisle.

  1. Give Rehearsal Dinner Speech

The rehearsal dinner is one of the most important speeches that everyone would like to hear. Rehearsal dinner speech is the part where you tell everyone how proud you are of your son and as you embrace your daughter-in-law. To deliver the audience the best father of the groom rehearsal speech, continue reading this article for essential structures and ideas.

  1. Socialize with Guests

You might as well enjoy the night and mingle with your friends and relatives–you also deserve to have fun! Make sure to present your best dancing skills because you’ll be dancing with the bride!

Father of the Groom Rehearsal Speech

The father of the groom’s speech is one of the essential parts of the rehearsal dinner. You are expected to deliver a narrative during the reception, including the groom and bride’s meaningful highlights. Remember that the speech must come from your heart, but before writing one to come prepared, consider these factors for a successful father of the groom’s rehearsal speech delivery.

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

It is also essential to keep in mind the rehearsal dinner manners while preparing for your speech. You may be ready for a touching message, but the event keeps getting interrupted due to a lack of preparedness and accountability. Here’s what you need to know about dinner etiquette.

  • Make a list of the expected guests. Usually, certain relatives who aren’t able to attend the wedding would participate in the dinner.
  • Ensure that all the invited relatives and guests would arrive on time. The rehearsal dinner follows a strict schedule, and no one would want to wait for a long time.
  • Some couples prefer a casual dinner; others go for a formal one. You might as well consider the formality of the event in highlighting speeches.
  • A wedding ceremony and reception can be patterned in a traditional way or a modern, unique setup distinctive to the usual wedding scenes. That primarily lies on your son and his spouse’s wishing.
  • Everyone should be cautious about the schedule. How the guests treat the time allotted reflects their respect towards the married couple. It also applies to you. A speech generally lasts 3-5 minutes; make sure to estimate how much time you would consume. 
  • After delivering the father of the groom rehearsal speech, you would make a toast. Rise as you do it, and formally thank everyone. Not sure what to say for the father of the groom speech? Continue reading as we reveal the best tips and sample ideas.

Toast Topics

Don’t know how to start? The following are the father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech sample topics. Make sure to pick which one suits your personality the best. 

  • How did you witness your son’s maturity? Share a few embarrassing yet funny father of the groom speech examples and stories with the guests for a great laugh.
  • You could seize the moment to celebrate a new milestone for the couple.
  • Cheering for the two and offering your blessings.
  • How do you feel about the two? You could reminisce about some moments you witnessed about them.
  • Special mention some individuals or groups you would like to acknowledge, as they provided you company and contribution to the wedding.
  • Inspire them with the most remarkable pieces of advice you have learned about life.
The father of the groom, mother of the groom or father of the bride and mother of the bride are toasting the couple with champagne.

Father of the Groom Speech Template

Now that you have gathered stories and remarkable narratives you would want to share with the couple and the guests, here’s a step-by-step process for writing and declaring wedding speeches father of the groom.

#1. Briefly Introduce Yourself

Although most people within the place already know you, some may not. Start the father of the groom speech by stating your name and relationship with the groom. You could add some distinct quality of yours or a phrase that often sums up who you are. Do note that the message is for the couple and not merely about yourself.

#2. Welcome and Thank the Attendees

It’s time to acknowledge and present sincere gratitude towards the guests. Mention that you’re celebrating this event with them as you make them feel whole-heartedly welcomed for the occasion. Usually, they are the following:

  • Individuals who came from distances 
  • Those who offered help and contribution to the wedding
  • Prominent guests and attendees
  • Organizers (appreciate their effort too)

#3. Narrate Some Stories About Your Son

Since you’re the groom’s father, you might as well share some stories during his childhood. It could be the most memorable, touching, or funny ones. We recommend you also to let the people recognize his admirable qualities and personality traits.

#4. Tell Your Thoughts About the Bride

And then, turn your focus towards the bride. Share some details on how you first met her or the distinct qualities your son loved the most. If you want to make her heart melt, reveal how your son behaved the moment she entered his life: which is mostly better than before.

#5. Share the Guests How You Feel About the Two

Talk about them as a couple or as one. Relive the moments where they have gone through hardships, which eventually lead them to a stronger foundation. You could also share with everyone how you feel about them. Finally, you should wish them the best things in life.  

#6. Make a Toast

As you end the father of the groom rehearsal speech with an impactful message, it’s to make a toast for everybody. Make sure that you use a one-liner speech that summarizes the whole delivery.

Distant Father of the Groom Speech

If you’re a father who missed a lot of time spent with his growing son, it’s completely normal to feel a bit anxious for your father of the groom speech at your son’s wedding. But writing down your address and rehearsing it before the big moment could save you from the negative thoughts residing on your mind, and it may even get your son touched if ran smoothly.

Knowing that you weren’t there throughout the critical events in his life, it’ll be vital to state in your speech the main reason as to why it did happen. You may have been busy working all week long as a blue-chipped employee or merely working too far from home. Turn it into a positive approach to earn the audience’s delight and, most significantly, your son. 

You can also make meaning out of your wedding gift and make it touching yet wholesome when you give out the reason behind picking them that present. This strategy will only be useful when you speak out of your heart and let your emotions feel the happiness in one of the most important events of your son’s life.

Stepfather of the Groom Speech

While being a stepfather may prove to be a tricky relationship with your stepson if you’ve shown brilliance of being the best father you can be, chances are any stepchildren will also be in love with you instantly. When it comes to your father of the groom speech, you shouldn’t have to worry about telling your most memorable moments with your stepson.

You can tell the story of your first meeting with your stepson and your wife and tell how lovely they look right from the beginning that made you love them instantly. Also, revealing something that reminds your stepson of your wife’s gentle characteristics will help lighten up everyone’s day as you wholesomely deliver your precious speech. It will surely help you speak it with pure genuineness and overflowing love for your stepson.

Father of the Groom Speech Guidelines for an Overwhelming Message

Father of the groom or father of the bride is speaking with the couple.


You might have started writing, but it feels lacking, don’t you think? It’s because there are some essential key points that you need to acknowledge. As you recognize the following, your father of the groom speech would come off overwhelming and respectable.

Father of the Groom Speech Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some proper techniques in writing the father of the groom rehearsal speech. Watch out for the unethical style if you don’t want your delivery result in an awkward situation.

Do’s  Don’ts
Recalling significant memories that everyone would adore and share a funny laugh Revealing too much personal information or shameful narratives
Be friendly; or suit the type of speech to correlate with the theme. Bragging so much about your son’s achievements
Recognizing the highlighted parts of the other speakers Competing with the other speakers
Showing some manners and respect towards the decisions of the two Assuming the distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the couple
Share the best qualities of your son and daughter-in-law you’re proud of Comparing the couple with other lovers

Father of the Groom Speech Examples

Need some inspiration? Here are some father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech samples we have gathered for you. It varies from emotional, impactful, and entertaining ones. Take your pick!

An emotional speech  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x039tdpl-Eg
Here’s for a good laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhQcccUwTk8
The truth about marriages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsnLCtE0exo
A heart-warming speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pLvcumshRM
Acknowledging the guests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwg2PRgkZCA

Here are more father of the groom speech examples that might help you spark the writing interest and narratives you would want to share. Let these videos remind you of your best days in life together with your son. 

Practicing the Delivery

No matter how great you have written, delivering wedding speeches father of the groom is the most crucial one. You have to come prepared in public speaking before the actual event because we don’t want you to end up shaking in front of the crowd. 

Wrap Up (Conclusion)

The father of the groom speech is one of the most awaited parts of a wedding. It is when you can have the spotlight to speak in front of friends and family to share stories you have with the newlyweds. Besides the tales you can tell, you could also share wisdom and some jokes with your son to lighten everyone’s mood. 

However, sometimes dads have certain hindrances in preparing for a speech. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with the best and most essential tips in delivering your father of the groom rehearsal speech. Just make sure to follow the steps and consider the factors that play an indispensable role in the wedding.








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