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Write a Heartwarming Best Man Speech: Tips and Examples!

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Another wedding is around the corner; this time, it’s your best friend’s or maybe your relatives’ marriage ceremony. You received the honor of being the best man. It is now time to plan an epic bachelor party and prepare to write a legendary best man speech.

Based on statistics, over 77% of people have public speaking-related anxiety. If you are one of the 77%, I will share helpful tips on writing a best-man speech to help you be less anxious about presenting your toast.

You can watch this video to help overcome your fear of public speaking:

In addition to having a virtual speech coach app, Orai’s specialty is public speaking. We will help you get your best man speech structure and presentation organized.

If you aren’t particularly interested in:

If you are only interested in my final tips and notes, scroll until the last subheading before the conclusion.

Basic Best Man Speech Tips

The honor of being the best man comes with some responsibilities, although not as much as a maid of honor. However, planning a bachelor party seems trivial compared to giving a speech on your best friend’s most memorable day.

So, how do you start and ace your best man’s speech? You do it like every other speech type, except with some nuances I will discuss next.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure smooth delivery and reduce your chance of getting jittery.

1. Early Preparation is Crucial

You will need to avoid procrastination. Just because the wedding seems far away doesn’t mean you should not start preparing.

It will be best to avoid the “words will flow when I am out there mentality.” Start writing your best man speech two to four months before the wedding if possible. 

This timeframe seems unrealistic, so why? 

As the wedding approaches, more events keep you very busy. One of the worst things to combine at a wedding is a lack of preparation and anxiety.

Some ways to start preparing include:

  • Think of stories that show how a groom is a great person
  • Ask for how they met if you weren’t there.
  • You can also prepare to reminisce on the first time you met the bride before or after they became a couple.
  • Think of jokes and quotes you will share

2. Open With a Cool Line

An excellent way to boost your confidence is to grab your audience’s attention in a friendly and calm manner. The best man’s opening lines set the tone for the speech, so go for an excellent one-liner.

The opening line of your best man speech gives your (most likely tipsy or drunk) audience a reason to listen to you and stay intrigued.

3. Make Best Man Speech Joke with Tact

For the best man speech joke, here are some helpful tactical tips.

  1. Avoid teasing the bride, except when you all run in the same circle.
  2. Since you are closer to the groom, he can be the center of jokes.
  3. Try to avoid inside jokes until you are alone with the groom.
  4. Being sensitive while joking helps avoid the air of awkwardness

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s start this section by looking at this video: 

Having a well-written speech is only a minute part of the best man speech delivery is crucial. One best practice for delivery is a rehearsal.

Try to present your speech to an audience that can relate to it, like another groomsman or other wedding guests. It is best to ensure that the person you are practicing in front of can give you honest feedback; otherwise, try the Orai app.

Practice will help you get rid of fillers. You could also get tips to reduce using fillers from this video:

5. Writing is an Excellent Memory Aid

As excellent as your memory is, writing down your speech or the toast highlights always helps. Why?

  • A written speech helps you feel more confident. 
  • You can stay on track when you write down your major points.
  • Being nervous can make you forget a carefully planned speech, so writing it out will help.

You don’t need to write out every last detail of your speech, so a large piece of paper may be unnecessary. You can use a notecard or your mobile phone notes app to write.

6. Be Creative with Variety

One of the ultimate weapons of a remarkable best-man speech is variety. It is quite anticlimactic to have a boring presentation that isn’t:

  • Funny
  • Sad
  • Romantic

An excellent best-man speech will let you feel all these emotions and more. Your speeches’ emotional multitone makes the couples’ love story more beautiful and makes your toast heartwarming.

7. Enunciate Your Words Properly for Clarity

You should take charge as a best man when you receive the mic. Avoid mumbling, monotonous tones, being inaudible, and talking too fast or slow. 

Think “Zac Efron” vibes, speech pacing, and confidence when giving your best man speech. A monotonous speech will bore the guests, and if people start straining to hear you clearly, they become uninterested.

Even if you are introverted, you can try being confident and apply these tips in your own way. If you feel like you need a shot for a boost of confidence, have one, but avoid being drunk or intoxicated.

This video may help with pacing:

Best man speech

8. Have a Plan B

There is a high chance that your incredible and well-prepared speech won’t be well-received. Or maybe you made a bad joke that only you find funny. 

A plan-b phrase becomes very helpful at this point. Since the day is about the lovely couple, you can compliment them to get your audience gushing again.

If a joke you made ruined the mood the first time, it’s best to avoid it until you have your audience’s full attention. 

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How do you write a best man’s speech?

Whether you have writer’s block or not, the best man’s speech duty has been entrusted to you, so you must deliver. 

The best way to write your speech is to follow the best man speech template discussed in the next subheading as a guide. 

A rule of thumb is to personalize your best man speech template to fit the bride and groom of the day. Without further ado, let’s move on to the outline.

Creating the Best Man Speech Template

Writing anything from scratch without a template or an outline is a leading cause of writer’s block. It is quite overwhelming to start writing a best-man speech. Therefore, we will share the best man speech template or a toast writing design.

An essential idiom to remember as you organize your best man speech template is that “a rough sketch is better than no picture at all.”

Here is an excellent best-man speech template to follow:

  1. Make an outstanding one-liner to open with
  2. Express gratitude to the couple and the speakers before you
  3. Congratulations are in order, so congratulations to the newlyweds.
  4. Say something nice about the bride, but avoid flattery.
  5. Tease the groom a bit with a tactical joke
  6. If it’s part of your duty, read the messages of guests who could not attend the wedding.
  7. Finish your speech with a lovely poem, quote a book, or share some famous lines (this could end up being an inside joke on their ten-year vow renewal if everyone isn’t too drunk to remember.)
  8. Don’t forget to propose a toast to the newlyweds.

How Long Should a Best Man Speech Be?

Since the best man’s speech is informal, being extremely serious about it is unnecessary. However, that doesn’t mean you should talk the ears off of the wedding guests. 

The length of your speech will depend significantly on the type of wedding event. A long, formal wedding may call for a longer toast than a wedding on a trip to Vegas.

A five-minute speech can convey everything you want to say and still be meaningful and entertaining. If you need more time, try to keep things brief because your guests may not enjoy your sentiment if they aren’t drunk.

Tactical Topics to Avoid

Although the married couple may know everything about each other, and you may know all about the groom, some topics are off-limits.

Even some topics you and the groom find extremely funny may be offensive to someone else. So, here are some topics to avoid.

Topics to Avoid Scenarios when they may be appropriate
General negativity about marriage Never, except when they get a divorce
Topics relating to doubt or the desire to run away It may make for a nice joke, but it will build a foundation for insecurities. 
The groom’s (or bride’s) past relationships No matter how hilarious it is, they are in their past.
Adult humor or sex-related topics Even if kids aren’t there, some adults may be sensitive, especially if you have a history with the bride (awkward).
Divorce or previous marriages Even if you are a happy divorcee, they don’t need a doubt on their big day.
Drugs, gambling, and alcohol They are never appropriate except in a crowd where everyone does them.

Best Man Speech Ideas for Your Remarkable Toast

When coming up with the best man speech, brother ideas and all, you will need to consider:

  1. The groom’s personality: is he someone who can take or joke, or is he sensitive and serious? 
  2. Will their guests enjoy a lighthearted joke?
  3. Can you tell a lovely story about him that the guests may not know?
  4. A bit of embarrassing the groom is welcome, especially with stories from his youth.
  5. If you aren’t a standup comedian, don’t force it. It always ends up being a pitiful sight to watch.
Best man speech

Best Man Speech Opening Lines

The speech intro comes next after the best man’s speech opening lines. The direction you decide to go with your introduction depends entirely on you; hence, I will share my best-man speech template for introductions.

  1. Start with an address directed at the audience, thank them for their attendance, and if you feel nice, you can give some compliments.
  2. Next, you can thank the couple for the opportunity to give your speech and express gratitude to their parents.
  3. Next, introduce yourself and share how you know the groom; this is the perfect place to share a memory or tell a joke if you can (no pressure).
  4. You can credit the previous speaker and add open loops to prepare your audience for your speech.

One-liners and Best Man Speech Jokes

If you want yours to be a funny best-man speech, you can start your one-liner with one of the groom’s funny quirks.

The trick here is to ensure the joke is relatable and funny to everyone so they can all appreciate it.

Here are some inspirations

A trait the groom has or something he enjoys A joke or one-liner about it
If the groom enjoys eating (Grooms name) is the first person that I would call if I had to eat to save my life
If the groom is book-smart If I have to answer a question to win loads of money, I will connect an earpiece with (groom) on the other end for answers.
If the groom is a smooth talker  (Groom) can talk his way out of any situation, and this skill has helped me keep my limbs intact.

If you thrive on dark humor, I’d advise avoiding making jokes during weddings to keep everyone happy.

Best Man Speech Examples for Brother

There are many examples of the best-man speech, like the one in this video: 

Unlike the best man in the video, you may not be the bride’s brother, so you may not make the bride and groom go through an emotional roller coaster.

However, here are some examples of the best man speech.

Speech for Different Types of Best Men

There are different types of best man speeches and many categories of best men, so your approach may vary.

A helpful tip is to watch wedding movies where the best man wasn’t high or drunk during his speech. It may inspire you on what to add and things to avoid.

Example Best Man Speech for Best Friend

The best man speech for best friend is unique and can take any direction. You can enjoy the effect of an emotional rollercoaster and go for funny, heartfelt, romantic, or a combination.

The Short Speech

With a short speech, you can go with a symbolic theme like a spark, a sign, or any cute thing people say about relationships.

Here, you can give a quote, talk briefly about the couple, and make a toast.

A Heartfelt Speech

With a heartfelt speech, you can make a joke about the effort it took to try writing and a decision to wing it and speak from your heart at the beginning.

Next, you can go for stories about watching them fall in love each day or how they became your family. The main deal is to give your best man speech from your heart.

Funny Best Man Speech Example

Funny best-man speech examples are challenging to represent since the jokes depend on you and your audience. However, you can joke about your relationship with the groom or imply that he wrote your speech.

What is the Best Wedding Speech for the Brother 

Just like the best friend, the best man’s speech brother has a large room of opportunities. You can make jokes or share heartwarming childhood memories with the groom.

Best man speech

You can choose to be sentimental or take a funny path. To end, you can express gratitude for getting a new sister and finish on a light note.

More on the Brother’s Speech

Some helpful best-man speech brother tips are:

  1. Since it’s your brother, you can be as personal as you want.
  2. Don’t avoid practice because it’s your brother. Take time to practice.
  3. Your whole speech doesn’t need to be centered around jabs.
  4. Nerves and emotions are typical, so practicing will help you keep them in check.

Final Memorable Best Man Speech Writing Tips and Notes

As promised at the beginning for those that skipped, here are some crucial points to note when writing and presenting your best man speech:

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Alcohol may help take the edge off, but being drunk or wasted may make you say things you will regret later.
  3. Don’t forget to express gratitude
  4. Stories are helpful
  5. Creating controversy isn’t right, so avoid topics that could cause disputes.
  6. Inside jokes are annoying.
  7. Be brief. Rambling will get tiring since there are other people to listen to
  8. A nice quote is an excellent way to end.
  9. Propose a toast with a raised glass
  10. Be original, and you can let out a sigh of relief for theatrical effects.

How should I structure my best man speech, from the opening to the conclusion?

Master your best man speech! Greet & thank everyone, introduce yourself with a funny story, and acknowledge previous speakers. Craft your intro based on the groom’s personality: funny anecdotes, embarrassing youth stories, or heartfelt moments work well. Remember to: prepare, express gratitude, use stories, avoid controversy, be brief, and end strong with a toast or quote. These tips will guide you towards a memorable and well-received speech!

How can I prepare a memorable best man speech for a wedding?

Make your best man speech unforgettable! Highlight the groom’s personality with funny stories, unique anecdotes, and genuine emotions. Start strong with a captivating line and heartfelt gratitude. Practice conquering nerves and prioritizing originality, conciseness, and sincerity. Aim for a speech that reflects the groom, adds a personal touch, and leaves a positive mark on the celebration – that’s the winning formula!


Giving a best man speech may be daunting, but you can ensure that yours is memorable and remarkable. You can study public speaking tips beforehand and check out Orai to practice your speech:


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