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Best Man Speech

A best man speech is the speech given by the best man at a wedding, usually it is an informal speech. The best man is usually a friend or family member of the couple. As the best man, your speech should be light, funny, and engaging. You need to prepare ahead of time to deliver an excellent best man speech. Here are some tips to help you write one;

  • Start with a great one-liner. Your beginning line should grab people’s attention and set the tone for the rest of the speech
  • Don’t be afraid to be emotional! Most people expect the best man speech to be just jokes, but you can add some emotion in there. 
  • Keep your jokes classy. You can make funny jokes without making people uncomfortable or teasing the new bride-to-be relentlessly.
  • Be confident during your speech. Speak clearly and enjoy the moment!
  • Don’t be shy about writing it down. You can write down some pointers to help you remember. 
  • End with good wishes for the couple.
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