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Welcome Speech

A welcome speech is given at the beginning of a corporate event. It is used to open the event and get the attention of the guests. The welcome speech should make the audience interested and curious about what’s coming next. It is usually long enough to include all the necessary protocols, but not too long, so it doesn’t bore the guests.

Welcome speech outline

  • Introduction: The introduction should contain a short greeting to the gathered guests and an appreciation of their presence. Also, state the name of the event.
  • Acknowledgments: This part should have people or groups’ names that contributed to the event’s success. Thank them and mention their contribution.
  • Purpose of the event: This part of the welcome speech is the longest, and it states the reason for the gathering. Include some hints about what the guests should expect during the rest of the event.
  • Conclusion: Wrap up the speech and welcome them once again.
  • Introduction to the next speaker: Introduce the next speaker.
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