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Voice Exercises

Voice exercises are used by people who have to sing or talk a lot in their careers. All that strain on your voice can cause it to become weak and tire quickly, so exercising your voice can help you maintain it better. Many voice exercises are little things you can do on the go or right before a big presentation.

Voice exercises to strengthen your speaking voice

  • Close your mouth and say “mm-mmm” until you feel your face vibrate. The vibration is a bit ticklish, and it shows that you’re doing it correctly. Do this exercise 5 times per set.
  • Next, say “mm-hmm,” as if you’re saying yes. Do this ten times. Afterward, alternate between this exercise and the first one. Increase and decrease your pitch as you alternate.
  • Quietly say “nay nay nay nay nay” while increasing and decreasing your pitch. Do this ten times.

Say a tongue twister as fast as you can while ensuring that you’re saying the words clearly. You can start slow but speed up as you go. Do these voice exercises as often as possible and at least once before any speaking engagement.

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