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A stutter is a speech impairment characterized by regular interruptions with speech flow. People who stutter usually know what they want to say but have a hard time saying it. They end up repeating a sound, word, or syllable until they can say it. Sometimes, they pause during the speech while they try to pronounce a difficult word.

Stuttering is more common with children, but some adults struggle with it too. It interferes with their ability to communicate and may also lead to lower self-esteem and increased frustration. Most people can get rid of their stutter using speech therapy or behavioral therapy.

Stuttering is quite common, but a lot of the cases are not severe enough to impede speech. Some people function well with a stutter. Several famous people stutter, like James Earl Jones and Samuel Jackson. You can find out how to get rid of a stutter by contacting a speech therapist.

How to get rid of a stutter

  • Speech therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Speech exercises
  • Electronic devices
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