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Speech Writing

Speech writing is the art of creating well-crafted content for speeches. Giving a speech starts from writing one, so a good speechwriter is essential to the speech delivery process. A speech always has a purpose and an audience. Speech writing is important because it tailors a speech specifically to the audience and includes all the information necessary to fulfill its purpose. You have to consider many factors when you go into speech writing regardless of the purpose of the speech. For more detail, visit this Public Speaking 101 article. 

Factors to consider when writing a speech

  • Audience: You need to know your audience and what they respond best to. This way, you can write a speech that is tailored to them, their language, and their beliefs.
  • Purpose: What is the aim of the speech? What message do you intend to pass with it? The answers to these questions will determine the tone and direction of your speech.
  • Length: The length of your speech should be determined by how much time you have to give the speech and how fast you can present it.
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