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Speech Impairment

A speech impairment refers to conditions that hinder a person’s ability to communicate vocally. It includes slur, hoarseness, stutter, and even rapid speech. Most speech impairments start in childhood and remain until adulthood. Certain medical condition can also cause adult-onset speech impairment. This is why some question “Is speech impairment a disability?” 

Is speech impairment a disability?

Not all speech impairments can be classified as disabilities, but in most cases, they are. Any speech impairment that interferes with a person’s communication ability to the point of affecting their daily life can be considered a disability. Whenever any characteristics of speech and language impairment are apparent, the person should be assessed and recommended treatment before it worsens.

Characteristics of speech and language impairment

  • Using words incorrectly
  • Unsuitable grammatical patterns
  • Difficulty expressing ideas and thoughts
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Inability to listen to others and follow instructions
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