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Speaking Accent

A speaking accent refers to the way a person sounds when they talk. It usually comes out in pronouncing certain words, and it is usually more prominent in people learning a new language. Foreigners with speaking accents may replace certain sounds with sounds they are familiar with in their native tongue. Also, people who speak the same language may have a different speaking accent based on the location.

As unique a speaking accent may be, it can interfere with how well people can understand you, especially when speaking to a new audience. Speaking accents aren’t necessarily speech problems, but they can affect how well the crowd understands you. Everyone has an accent, whether they hear it or not.

How to remove a strong accent

  • Figure out what your problem words or phrases are and practice saying them correctly multiple times a day.
  • When reading a passage, mark out the stressed words and practice emphasizing the stress.
  • Speak to and listen to native speakers so you can discover the correct way to say your words.
  • Hire a coach to guide you through standardized exercises.

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