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Enunciation is the skill of pronouncing words clearly and correctly. Enunciation is more than just saying the word; it involves forming distinct sounds correctly. Being able to enunciate correctly is a valuable skill if you have a career related to speaking publicly. With help, you can learn how to enunciate better. Good enunciation can make you a more articulate speaker, and make your speech more understandable.

How to enunciate better

  • Practice saying some words in front of the mirror. Exaggerate each word and identify each sound
  • Lift your soft palate, keep your tongue down, and show your teeth while saying the words. This gives your mouth more room to enunciate correctly
  • Speak slowly and emphasize your words.
  • Practice with speaking exercises, diphthongs, and tongue twisters
  • Read aloud and practice speaking as much as possible
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