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Sales Pitch

Sales personnel use a sales pitch to convince their audience to buy the products they’re selling. It usually contains information about the product, the benefits of buying the product, and how to buy it. With the right content, a sales pitch can be effective. But many people won’t connect well with a sales pitch if it seems too forced and ungenuine. So, sales pitches have developed into shorter and more relatable versions. Here are some tips for nailing your next sales pitch: .

Types of sales pitches

When your sales pitch rhymes, it helps people remember it better.

  • Question pitch

This method frames your pitch in the form of a question. It invites the audience to answer the question for themselves to see the importance of your product.

  • One-word pitch

A one-word pitch is a tagline that best represents your product. People must think of your product once they hear the word.

  • Twitter pitch

Twitter only has 140 characters per tweet, so it is challenging to think of a sales pitch that fits. So, you have to trim down to the basics and come up with something thought-provoking.

  • Pixar pitch

This type is named after Pixar Studios, masters at creating stories that resonate with everyone. Framing your sales pitch like a story makes it much more interesting to your audience.

  • Subject line pitch

This type is used in email marketing. Your subject line must be well thought out and intriguing enough to garner interest in a potential customer.

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