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Retirement Speech

A retirement speech is given by someone who is about to retire from working in a company. The person could be retiring from work as a whole or moving on to other things. A retirement speech is usually informal or semi-formal at best, so there are very few rules to follow.

A retirement speech can include humor, stories, and emotional points. It depends on our relationship with your co-workers and what you decide to use. But you should avoid talking about your achievements and generally praising yourself. 

How to write a retirement speech

  • Start with an ice breaker like a self-deprecating joke or an anecdote.
  • Briefly reminisce about how the company was when you first came in.
  • Personally, thank your co-workers with whom you shared a good relationship. 
  • Thank the organization for the opportunities. You can also thank your bosses here.
  • Speak briefly about your plans for the future.
  • Finish off with a general appreciative gesture and a toast to the people you’re leaving behind.
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