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Rate of Speech

The rate of speech refers to the average number of words spoken by a person per minute. This is what determines the speed of the speaker and if they talk fast or not. Your rate of speech is important when you’re making a speech because it affects how well people will understand you. If you talk too fast, the audience may not understand the words you’re saying, and if you’re too slow, you might end up boring them.

The average rate of speech is 150 words per minute (wpm), but it varies depending on the situation. You can use the different rates of speech to your advantage. For example, you can speed up your speech to signify excitement, which will help your audience pay attention. At other times, you can slow it down to emphasize your point.

A speech has to have different speech rates, otherwise, you may end up boring your audience and losing their attention. You can practice different talking speeds until you learn how to switch the patterns and deliver an interesting speech. With practice, you can develop a pattern and learn how to modulate your speech. Click here for more tips and information about rate of speech!

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