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Presentation Speech

A presentation speech is written for a presentation that aims to inform, demonstrate, or explain a topic to an audience. The presentation speech is the written part of a full presentation. It has an introduction, body, and conclusion. A good presentation speech has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part of the speech comes together to deliver the message of the presentation.

How to structure a presentation speech

  • Start strong. Your introduction is what you can use to draw the audience’s attention to you. You can start with a quote, story, or question that sparks interest in the audience
  • State all the points of your presentation in the introduction, then expand on them in the rest of the speech
  • List all the different topics you want to cover and go over them one by one
  • Fill your speech with statistics and studies to lend credence to what you’re saying
  • Close with a powerful message that leaves its impact on your audience after your presentation

Consider adding visual aids in your presentation because they grab and retain the audience’s attention. You can learn more about it here.

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