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Political speech

A political speech is as its name suggests – a speech that concerns political discourse, especially decisions that determine a course of action and has multiple perspectives. Examples of political speech are debates, campaign speeches, and sometimes election speeches.  A political speech doesn’t necessarily have to be about politics either. This is often a persuasive speech, for more in depth information, click here

How to write a political speech

  • Do a lot of research for both sides of the debate. You need to know what your opposition thinks and the possible angles they may take to defend their position. This will help you bring out strong points in your speech.
  • Always be prepared to go off tangent, especially if you’re speaking to a crowd. Find out what the crowd wants to hear and research on them, and have a few other topics at hand if one of them gets brought up.
  • Be as clear and concise as possible. You have to be able to explain your position in simple language, or you might have trouble getting the audience to understand you.
  • Always back up your points with relevant statistics and studies to appear more credible
  • Get to the point immediately. Don’t spend time on irrelevant topics.
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