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Planning meeting

A planning meeting is a meeting where teams meet to develop a plan for their future projects. During this meeting, the team answers questions like What are the goals?’, ‘How will we achieve them?’, and ‘Who will be responsible for what?’ At the end of a planning meeting, there should be a rough draft of the plan and everyone who plays a role in it.

It is important to have planning meetings, because it helps the team determine the exact goals and how they can be achieved step by step. It gives everyone an understanding of what needs to be done and defines vague ideas.

Keys to a successful planning meeting

  • Ensure that the vision and objectives of the project are laid out clearly.
  • Ascertain the key success factors and devise strategies to ensure you achieve them.
  • Identify the key performance indicators and how all members of the team can contribute to them.
  • Pinpoint the most urgent issues and how you can deal with them.
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