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Phone interview

Many interviewers use phone interviews in their interview process to determine if an applicant is qualified for the position. Of course, a phone interview occurs over the telephone, usually at a set time and before physical interviews. A phone interview is as important as a physical interview, and the interviewer usually goes in with a phone interview script that helps them direct the discussion.

During a phone interview, the interviewer has to judge the applicant on their tone of voice and their answers in the absence of body language. So,s knowing how to record a phone interview is important. This way, they can go over the interview several times in case they missed something before.

How to record a phone interview

  • First, make sure the law allows one party to record the conversation without consent, and if not, take consent before recording the conversation.
  • Take note of the phone being used for the interview and follow the instructions. You can use several apps on Android and iOS smartphones to record your call.
  • You can decide to convert it into a transcript for easy reading.
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