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Negotiation is a way that people on different sides come to a unanimous agreement through compromise. When both sides negotiate, they come to a decision that takes both sides’ wants into account. A negotiation cannot happen without compromise, so the best way to negotiate is to learn how to compromise, showing the other party what they hope to benefit from your offer.

There are different types of negotiations, but contract negotiations are the most binding. Both sides can review the terms of the contract until they agree. You can see how contract negotiations work when you learn how to negotiate a car lease.

How to negotiate a car lease

  • Prepare beforehand and know exactly what you want from the model of the car to the mileage limit and other important components.
  • Get a quote from the dealership before going in.
  • Check reviews online to get a feel of how the dealership operates.
  • Only negotiate when you feel strong enough to withstand the pressure and tricks from the dealer.
  • Don’t be afraid to call their bluff and walk out if you’re not satisfied with the deal.
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