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Speech Articulation

Speech articulation is a person’s ability to move their mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue to pronounce words and sentences. When a person is not articulate, it can hinder their ability to communicate efficiently with other public members and their community. Speech articulation makes it easier for people to understand you because you take your time to make clear and correct sounds.

Most speech articulation problems occur in childhood. However, some adults also have issues with speaking clearly. Sometimes this is brought over from childhood, or they learn a new language, and their accent makes them hard to understand. With practice, anyone can improve their speech articulation.

Tips for improving your speech articulation:

  • Talk often with articulate people so you can adapt to their mode of speech.
  • Read books and identify difficult words. Practice these words until you can pronounce them correctly.
  • Practice speaking to yourself as often as possible.
  • Record yourself and use that to monitor your progress.
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