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Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are practice interviews that you can use to develop your interviewing skills. They can help you get comfortable in an interview setting and help develop your communication skills and confidence. Mock interviews are great for practicing different answers to popular interview questions. 

You can conduct your mock interviews by getting someone to stand in as your mock interviewer and ask you general interview questions. Anyone can perform that role, but you would fare better with an expert in the field or someone who has been in the position you want.

How to set up a mock interview

  • Replicate the interview setting down to the interview location and time. You can also carry your resume along.
  • Dress like you would go to an actual interview.
  • Pick an ideal interviewer and have them stick to the script as much as possible.
  • Rate your interview using the criteria for an actual interview in the company.
  • Record the interview and make adjustments where necessary.
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