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Keynote speech

A keynote speech is a speech given by the main speaker for an event. The event can be a conference, a formal ceremony, or a seminar. The keynote speech sets the tone for the whole event, and it is usually the final speech given. Keynote speakers get paid for the event, and some of them do it as a profession.

As a keynote speaker, your speech is the most important, so you have to put in the effort. Keynote speeches tend to be motivational, except in academic or industry-specific events where they center on a subject.  A keynote speech has to stand out and retain the audience’s attention throughout the speech

How to deliver a great keynote speech

  • Tell personal stories so the audience can relate to you.
  • Project a confident and charismatic demeanor during the speech.
  • Use visual aids where necessary.
  • Engage your audience and leave space for them to ask you questions afterward.
  • Don’t speak over your time.
  • Practice several days beforehand until you stop sounding like you practiced.
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