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Jargon speech

Jargon speech refers to language that is unnecessarily complicated and hard to understand. People often use jargon to seem smarter or to impress people who aren’t familiar with the topic. While jargon speech could contain technical terms, too many of them can lead to a speech that is long and tiresome to read.

Using jargon speech can also reduce the efficiency of your communication and make it harder to follow your speech. To communicate properly, you need to eliminate jargon speech from your vocabulary. Also, when using technical terms, make sure you use them for the right audience.

How to stop using jargon speech

  • Study the audience and use language that fits them best.
  • Use simpler terms anywhere possible; even with members of the same industry.
  • Go through your speech a couple of times and remove as many technical words as possible.
  • Make sure a fifth grader can read your speech.
  • Explain any jargon speech you can’t simplify.
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