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Investor speech

An investor speech is a presentation you make to people you want to invest in your business or company. It is also known as an investor pitch and entrepreneurs typically give it. A successful investor speech can gain the attention of a valuable investor who can invest in your business. A typical investor speech doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, so it has to be short and packed with your company’s information. This is a special type of persuasive speech, and there is a lot at stake! Make sure you nail it by looking at these tips:

Tips for giving a great investor speech

  • Have two different presentations; one short and another detailed one. You can present the short one during the speech, but you need a more detailed one in case they want more information about the company.
  • Practice consistently until you can deliver your speech in less than 10 minutes.
  • Tell personal stories to get them to relate to you.
  • Give realistic figures and projections.
  • Be transparent about your revenue projections.
  • Outline your marketing strategy.
  • Gain their trust with your past successes and achievements.
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