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Introduction speech

An introduction speech is used to introduce a guest speaker and prepare the audience for the speaker. Another purpose of this speech is to gain the audience’s attention and keep them focused on the speaker. A moderator typically gives introduction speeches during events with multiple speakers. This way, the speakers don’t have to introduce themselves since you already did it for them.

Tips for giving a good introduction speech

  • Practice saying the speaker’s name, so you don’t mispronounce it during your speech.
  • Prepare a short biography of the speaker. It should include their qualifications, accomplishments, or anything else note-worthy. You can confirm what they want you to say beforehand.
  • Keep your introduction speech short, so you don’t end up boring the audience.
  • List out the qualifications one after the other to build excitement among the audience.
  • Add in some surprising information about the speaker to generate curiosity in the audience.
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