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Graduation thank you speech

A graduation thank you speech, as its name suggests, is a speech you give at your graduation ceremony thanking your family, teachers, and everyone who contributed to your successful graduation. A graduation thank you speech can be funny, emotional, or formal, depending on the direction you want to take. The most important thing is to include all the people that matter to you in the speech.

How to write a graduation thank you speech

  • First, you need to make a list of everyone you intend to thank in your speech. This way, you won’t skip any important persons while giving your speech.
  • Write down why you want to thank each of these people and try to include names where possible.
  • Start with a strong introduction detailing your journey through school.
  • Next, spend about 1 to 2 sentences thanking each of the people on your list. You can emphasize on some people but don’t spend more than four sentences at most, or you risk having a long speech.
  • The end of your graduation thank you speech should be a summary of your whole speech. Thank the most important people and end the speech.
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