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Final interview

A final interview is the very last step of the interview process for a job. It usually comes after a phone interview and an in-person interview. This final interview determines whether or not you will be hired for the position you applied for.

The interviewers for this final interview are usually higher-level management, and sometimes the CEO, depending on the company. The bottom line is you have to show your best foot forward and impress these people to secure the job. You need to be smart, charismatic, and bold with your answers so they can see what you have to offer concerning the position.

Mistakes to avoid during your final interview

  • Don’t treat it like a regular first interview. Remember all the information you must have gotten from other interviews and use them to your advantage.
  • Always keep in mind your professionalism, don’t get too comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions as well.
  • Don’t avoid discussing your salary and other benefits. This is the only chance you have to negotiate a good salary.
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