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Fat tongue exercises

Fat tongue exercises, also known as skinny tongue fat tongue. It is a type of myofunctional therapy that corrects the tongue strength and placement.  The skinny tongue fat tongue exercise is a type of tongue workout to help you correct your speech and enunciation. The goal of skinny tongue fat tongue exercises is to strengthen your tongue muscle to naturally go to the right spot when you say the letter ‘n.’

How to do fat tongue exercises

Step 1: First, get a mirror and a small popsicle stick. Find the spot that is 1 or 2 centimeters behind the 2 front teeth.

Step 2: Stick out your tongue, and place the stick right at the tip of the tongue. Stretching it as you go.

Step 3: Then, find the spot behind your teeth with the stick and direct your tongue there. Hold it in place for about a minute, depending on your tongue’s strength.

Step 4: The next step is to stick out your tongue in a more relaxed and flatter shape and place the stick there for a few seconds as your tongue gets used to the shape.

Step 5: Find the spot with the stick again and place your tongue there for another minute while maintaining the flat shape.

Step 6: You can repeat the exercises using a piece of candy to find the spot,

Here are some more tips on how to clean up your speech:

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