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Farewell speech at work

When an employee is leaving the company, it is customary to give a farewell speech at work. Many companies hold farewell parties for employees leaving to start a new job, retire, or for other reasons. Although these farewell parties tend to be emotional and informal, it is expected that the employee leaving should give an impromptu speech whether they are asked to or not.

Now, a farewell speech at work doesn’t have to be a stiff, formal affair. You can use a brief outline to help you through it, but otherwise, it should be semi-formal, leaning towards informal. The best way to start is with an icebreaker or some appropriate jokes and anecdotes about your time at the company. Then, you can thank your colleagues who you worked with, with a special focus on your boss or close co-worker.

Lastly, end your farewell speech on a high note by talking briefly about your plans and encouraging the rest of your e-colleagues to keep in touch. The whole speech shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes, and it doesn’t have to contain touchy subjects. A farewell speech at work helps to cut ties cleanly and ensure a good relationship with your past company in the future.

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