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Exit interview

An exit interview is a final interview held for an employee leaving a company. An exit interview aims to get candid feedback about the employee’s experience in the organization. Usually, a manager or HR personnel conducts exit interviews for outgoing staff, and these interviews can provide valuable information for the organization.

When companies conduct exit interviews, they get to hear why an employee would want to leave the company. This way, they can make improvements that can help retain more of their employees. An exit interview will only provide valued feedback when trust exists between the employer and employee.

Common questions asked in an exit interview

  • Why did you decide to leave the company?
  • Did you feel proud of your work while under our employment?
  • Do you have any suggestions that can help us improve our employee relationship?
  • Do you think the organization supported your goals and objectives?
  • Did you get adequate and complete training while on the job?
  • Would you consider staying back at the company?
  • What did you look out for in a new employer?
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