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Entertaining Speech

An entertaining speech is meant to please and amuse the audience while passing across its message. It is meant to grab the audience’s attention and keep it through comedy, drama, or emotions. An entertaining speech doesn’t have to inform or persuade. A successful entertaining speech stirs up emotions in the audience.

Tips for writing an entertaining speech

  • Study your audience to know what direction to take. Not all audiences will find the same thing entertaining, so you have to tailor it to their tastes
  • Keep to the time. If you have 5 minutes, don’t try to go over it, or you may lose your audience’s attention
  • Stick to a simple speech, so your audience doesn’t get lost
  • Look like you’re enjoying yourself. You can’t entertain people if you don’t look entertained too
  • Use vivid descriptions to paint a clear picture for your audience
  • End with a satisfying climax. Build up anticipation throughout your speech and end with a bang
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