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Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a condensed version of a business pitch. An elevator pitch’s main aim is to inspire enough interest in what you’re saying that can lead to a longer meeting. The name, “elevator pitch”, is gotten from a typical elevator ride. Therefore it should take less than 2 minutes, you should be able to sell yourself in that amount of time.

Elevator pitches are a great way to connect with people in your field, sell your product or company, and expand your network. A successful  elevator pitch is going to provoke a second meeting. With enough practice, you can develop a great elevator pitch. You can try out an elevator pitch generator first to give you an idea of what to do.

How to develop a great elevator pitch

  • Keep it brief and mention only relevant credentials.
  • Be persuasive but not too pushy. You have to make them interested in you
  • Start with an attention grabber
  • Describe your work in an engaging language that sparks curiosity
  • Use an elevator pitch generator
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