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Coaching Session

A coaching session is a one-on-one session where the coach and students interact without distraction. Anyone can be a coach with the proper training and experience level to hold a coaching session. Popular coaches are life coaches, public speaking coaches, career coaches, leadership coaches, and even sports coaches.

Coaching sessions are popular among many industries, especially in professional workplaces. Many companies have started implementing a one-on-one coaching system where employees are placed under experienced and skilled coaches. With each coaching session, the coachee learns valuable skills they can apply to their jobs and life.

GROW Coaching Model

The GROW coaching model is a model for coaching sessions with a high success rate. It involves four things;

G – Goal; This means identifying the long and short-term goals of the coaching session

R – Reality; This step involves becoming aware of the reality of the person’s condition.

O – Options; This step involves coming up with ideas for solving that problem.

W – Will; The last step is to accept the plan and apply it to the problem.

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