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Ceremonial Speech

A ceremonial speech is any speech given to commemorate an event. The ceremony could be celebrating a particular day, person, or union. Usually, a ceremonial speech focuses on the ceremony in question and not who gives the speech.

A ceremonial speech tends to be a semi-formal or formal speech depending on the occasion. What’s more, a ceremonial speech can be a eulogy, tribute, or an acceptance speech. For instance, you can give a ceremonial speech at graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, and tributes.

How to give a fabulous ceremonial speech

  • Always redirect the attention to the occasion. Remember that this is not about you.
  • Ceremonial speeches should not be persuasive. So don’t influence the speech with your ideas and opinions.
  • Always practice beforehand. Therefore, you should also write your speech down to help you remember.
  • Don’t try to memorize the speech.
  • Make sure you don’t go above the allotted time.
  • Be confident!
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