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Bridegroom Speech

A groom has to give a bridegroom speech at the wedding. This speech is his opportunity to address the guests and family and thank them for their wedding contributions. Although the speech is informal for the most part, it still has to have some form of structure to it. Only the groom can take a bridegroom speech, and it traditionally comes after the father of the bride’s speech.

Tips for the perfect bridegroom speech

  • Prepare for the speech beforehand.
  • Recognize those close to you that were involved in making the event happen.
  • Start on a light note. It can be an emotional speech, but you can add humor to put everyone at ease.
  • Appreciate everyone present, including the guests, spouse’s parents, your parents, best man, and the bridal train. 
  • Focus the rest of the bridegroom speech on your spouse and how happy you are to have them
  • Keep it short and concise. Ten minutes is long enough before people start losing interest.
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