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Award Presentation Speech

An award presentation speech is one you give as you present an award to a worthy recipient. Some award ceremonies may require you to speak a few words, while others will set out time for a full speech. Your speech has to highlight the recipient’s success and what they accomplished to receive the award.

When giving an award presentation speech, you have to find a way to engage your audience without distracting them from the business of the day. For an award presentation speech, the speech outline will be slightly different.

How to write a good award presentation speech

  1. Remind the audience of the reason for the event and reaffirm the importance of the ceremony 
  2. Speak a little about the event and the significance of the award you are about to present 
  3. Express admiration for the recipient of the award and mention why they were chosen among the other potential recipients
  4. Announce the recipient and present them with the award. Shake hands and step away for them to give their acceptance speech
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