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How to Write and Deliver the Perfect Mother of the Bride Speech

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Traditionally, it is the bride’s father, the best man, and the groom who say their words in front of the crowd during the wedding. However, we see more and more mothers who stand up, hold the mic, and deliver their mother of the bride speech these days. 

We acknowledge that mothers are like superhumans with a wide array of abilities and skills, but public speaking might be something that can shake even the super moms among us.  

Since it will be your beloved daughter’s big day, there will be a crowd of family members, relatives, and newly-minted in-laws, making wedding speeches mother of the bride do challenging. Plus, the wedding day will be full of mixed emotions with your daughter starting a new chapter of her life.

But rest assured, we have a handy guide to help you find the right words to say, fortify your wits, and ease your mind. For all the mothers out there, give this article filled with mother of the bride speech examples and essential tips a read, and nail your speech on the wedding day!

What Does a Mother Feel During Her Daughter’s Wedding?

There are not enough words that best describe the unique, emotional, and sacred relationship between a daughter and her mother. It is exceptional beyond bounds and is something that can never disappear nor come to an end. 

But a moment will come in every mother’s life wherein she would face a new chapter for herself and her daughter. As the mother, you know how it feels to start a new life phase because you have been in that stage. 

However, you can’t help but be emotional since your precious little girl is all grown up now and is ready to get married and start a family of her own. Don’t worry because that is normal for all parents out there. 

The following are several thoughts that most mothers think about their daughter during her wedding:

  • How will our lives be without our daughter being around?
  • She finally found her life partner.
  • She will be a wonderful and caring wife and daughter-in-law.
  • As a mother, you will always be there to guide her.
  • She deserves nothing but the best.
  • A mother wants her precious daughter to be happy in her life’s new chapter.
  • Since she will start her family, you will get excited about having grandkids.
  • She must be a strong and independent woman.

What is the Role of the Mother of the Bride?

Being the bride’s mother is not an easy role. It is a big job since you must guide and support your daughter in making her dream wedding come to life. 

Of course, you know how it feels to be a bride because you have also been in that place, so you want nothing but a perfect wedding for your precious girl. 

However, the mother of the bride role has changed over the years. Here are a few duties you must keep in mind before and during your daughter’s momentous day:


  • Be a chief cheerleader, a source of support, and a warm listener for your daughter.
  • Contact and arrange your meeting with the groom’s parents if you have not yet met in person.
  • Help the bride look for the wedding attire, especially her dreamed wedding dress.
  • Help search for a wedding and reception location, specifically when the big day is in your hometown.
  • Discuss the details about the wedding budget with your daughter and her fiancé, covering the total number of guests and the amount you are willing to pay.
  • Be present at the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.


  • As the mother, you act as a hostess to ensure that the guests are comfortable during the wedding and reception.
  • Escort your daughter down the aisle or participate in other portions of the wedding ceremony.
  • Deliver your mother of the bride speech.

Why is a Mother of the Bride Speech Important?

Having wedding speeches for the mother of the bride for the big occasion can exhibit how much you love your daughter. It can also delight her if the father can’t make one during the wedding day for some particular reason. 

Mother of the bride speech

For other instances, it may also be an avenue to remind everyone regarding her relationship with her late father. Either way, your mother of the bride’s speech will reflect your love and happiness to see your daughter glowing on her momentous day. 

Moreover, the wedding speeches by the mother of the bride’s primary point is to welcome the wedding guests and deliver a meaningful message to her daughter and her daughter’s spouse. 

How to Craft the Perfect Mother of the Bride Speech

Of course, mothers have a significant role in their daughter’s wedding, and one of them is your mother of the bride’s speech.   

As brought up in the earlier part of this article, the mother of the bride’s speech is not among the age-old wedding traditions, but it has become a more popular theme nowadays. There are many mothers now who take the mic in front of everyone.

However, if this situation is your first time, you might have some questions in mind. How does your mother of the bride’s speech work? What do wedding speeches mother of the bride entail?

Read further because we have provided some wedding speeches mother of the bride dos and don’ts, mother of the bride speech examples, template, and tips to craft the perfect speech

Mother of the Bride Speech Etiquette

Your beloved daughter’s wedding is one of the most significant moments of her life, so you want nothing but everything to be perfect, even your mother of the bride’s speech

Here are some wedding speeches mother of the bride dos and don’ts to ensure a heartfelt and touching speech that will make your daughter burst into laughter and tears. 

Introduce yourself as the bride’s mother. Avoid being overly formal.
Welcome, and thank all the wedding guests. Do not focus on thanking your family members or friends who traveled from afar to attend the wedding.
Mention how much you love and how proud you are of your daughter. Do not make your mother of the bride speech long.
Appreciate the groom for coming into your daughter’s life and welcoming him into your family. Avoid mentioning your daughter’s past relationships.
Prepare to be emotional. Avoid talking about yourself because it is the couple’s big day, not yours.
Speak from your heart.  

Mother of the Bride Speech Template

We know that your mother of the bride’s speech will be entirely about the bond you and your daughter share. 

However, because all mothers are unique and no two mother-daughter relationships are the same, several components must be present in the wedding speeches mother of the bride makes. 

  1. Introduce Yourself and Welcome the Wedding Guests

Perhaps, most of the wedding guests know who you are and your relationship with the bride. Still, it is best to use a little introduction about yourself and welcome everyone warmly for coming in such a momentous and long-awaited day for your family. 

  1. Thank Everyone for Attending

The bride’s mother and the groom often do the official thank you speech at the wedding party. However, if it seems a bit whimsical, tone it down as you see fit. 

A quick thanks, and a little roll call is alright. If you would like to thank someone, in particular, this part is the right time for that.

  1. Talk About Your Daughter’s Achievements

Usually, the bride’s father tells embarrassing and hilarious stories, but feel free to share them if you have some.

If you want to leave the showmanship to your husband, then it is quite moving to listen to your mother of the bride’s speech filled with all the things your daughter has achieved. 

For this part, make it reasonably brief. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with bragging about your little girl’s achievements. 

  1. Share Happy Memories

Include and share positive and happy moments, which highlight your daughter on her big day. Never mention her past relationships or marriages and even unfulfilled dreams. 

Wedding speeches mother of the bride should be full of positivity and the best memories of your precious daughter’s life. 

  1. Acknowledge Your New Son-In-Law

Everyone always finds it touching to hear the bride’s mother acknowledging and addressing her new son-in-law with warmth and love. 

Perhaps, you can share a quick story regarding the first time you met the groom, your thoughts during that meeting, and toast the things you like about your new son-in-law. It will surely bring some tears during your mother of the bride’s speech

  1. Give Some Motherly Advice for the Couple

Wedding speeches mother of the bride should also include some words of wisdom for the newly wedded couple. Since you already know how married life will be, impart some motherly advice to the bride and groom.

You are the wise mom, so school them with optimism about several expectations on their new life chapter together. 

Mother of the bride speech
  1. Raise a Toast

After all your appreciation for everyone and sharing some stories, it is now time to end your mother of the bride speech. Invite the wedding guests to raise a toast for the happy couple and congratulate them. 

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6 Tips in Creating the Perfect Mother of the Bride Speech

After the mother of the bride speech template introduction, the next thing you have to know are a few useful and practical tips to keep in mind when creating and delivering your motherly expression of love. Here are the following:

  1. Write down your thoughts. 

Since this is a significant occasion, remember it is best not to wing it. Make sure to write down what you want to tell your daughter to avoid missing out on any special memory with her. 

You can even make bullet points or an outline, which I previously mentioned, to have organized thoughts when making your speech. It is easier to start making your speech when everything is in order.

  1. Pause and breathe

When you start to get nervous, chances are you might speed through your mother of the bride’s speech. To overcome this situation, pause and take a deep breath. 

Do not worry because people understand that speaking in public is not relatively easy. Additionally, there are also useful tips on how to deliver your mother of the bride’s speech, which you will see in the latter part of this article. 

  1. Do not push yourself to be funny.

Yes, humor is fun. But if it is not your cup of tea, then do not push yourself to be funny on your daughter’s big day. She may even find it too odd if you act out of your character during her wedding. 

Remember to be yourself, honest and sincere, and the rest will surely follow. Your daughter will eventually love your message. 

  1. Practice your mother of the bride speech

After you finish writing your speech, it is advisable to practice it. Try reading what you made out loud and let someone listen to you. This technique helps you realize some parts of your speech that need revising or a sort of polishing. 

Moreover, having someone listen to your speech allows you to ask for feedback to clean your prepared wedding speech

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

We know that you love your daughter, and you love talking about her. You might even go on for long hours, just sharing everything regarding her.

However, the wedding speeches mother of the bride should be limited to around three to five minutes. This rule of thumb is something you must pay attention to and consider. 

  1. Do not be conscious about crying.

Wedding guests know and understand that this occasion warrant tears, especially for you since you are the mother. Do not be conscious of getting emotional because no one is going to judge you. People even find it sweeter and more touching.

How to Deliver Your Mother of the Bride Speech

Once you are done writing and polishing your mother of the bride’s speech, the next thing you might ask yourself is how you can deliver it well. Public speaking is quite challenging, especially when you are not used to standing up and talking in front of a crowd. 

But if your daughter requested you to make a wedding speech during her momentous day, I bet you did not think twice in saying yes. Of course, you love her, and you would do anything for your precious little girl who is all grown up now. 

Do not worry if you still doubt how you can deliver your speech in front of everyone because we got you some help! The following are several tips you can take into account to give a perfect mother of the bride speech:

  1. Preparation is a significant component, so have enough time to be ready.
  2. Flash your smile and engage with the audience.
  3. Know what you are going to say as soon as you speak in front of everyone.
  4. Check and find out where you will be standing when delivering your speech.
  5. For the mother of the bride speeches at weddings, take note of your voice tonality.
  6. Do not allow yourself to get distractions when speaking.
  7. Take a pause.
  8. Avoid inside jokes as possible.
  9. Relive the best memories with your daughter.
  10. Finish your mother of the bride’s speech with a bang.

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Examples of the Best Mother of the Bride Speeches

Are you looking for the best mother of the bride speech examples to be your inspiration? We have compiled various mother of the bride speeches at weddings for your reference, so go and take your preferable pick! 

Simple Mother of the Bride Speech


Touching Mother of the Bride Speech


Funny Mother of the Bride Speech


Short Mother of the Bride


Emotional Mother of the Bride


Wrapping Up (Conclusion)

Of course, as a mother, you want your daughter to succeed in every life’s aspect. But one of the most satisfying things you can witness is to see her experience true love and genuine happiness. 

Her wedding day is also momentous for you, so you desire everything to be perfect. Our reminder is that enjoy making your mother of the bride speech and speak from your heart because whatever you say, your daughter will always appreciate and love it. Check out Orai, an AI powered speech app, it offers interactive lessons and detailed analysis of recorded speech to help you ace any speech topics!

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