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Demonstration Speech

A demonstration speech is one where the speaker explains how to perform an activity to an audience. Typically, these speeches are accompanied by a physical demonstration. A demonstration speech can show how to operate a new device, follow a recipe, and even learn a new dance. There is a multitude of topics, but they all usually follow the same outline.

How to give a great demonstration speech

  • Open with the importance of what you’re about to teach your audience. You need to engage them and make them see why they would  benefit from the topics.
  • Give a summary of what you’re about to demonstrate. This prepares the audience for your demonstration
  • Take each step of the demonstration speech and speak on them extensively. This step is where you should use any physical demonstrations you have
  • Briefly speak on any other options or alternatives to the steps you mentioned
  • Prepare a Q&A session
  • Give a summary
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