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Annual General Meeting

An annual gathering of a company’s shareholders to discuss matters and vote on important decisions.

Key elements:

  • Board of Directors: Presents financial reports, strategic plans, and other updates.
  • Shareholders: Participate in discussions, ask questions, and vote on proposals.
  • Voting: On issues like dividend payments, board member appointments, and executive compensation.
  • Transparency: Provides shareholders with insights into the company’s performance and direction.
  • Engagement: Offers a platform for dialogue and feedback between shareholders and leadership.


  • Enhances corporate governance and accountability.
  • Informs shareholders and fosters trust.
  • Provides an opportunity for shareholder engagement and influence.


  • Ensuring effective communication and clear explanations for complex topics.
  • Managing diverse shareholder interests and expectations.
  • Maintaining a productive and respectful atmosphere despite potential disagreements.

Improving public speaking:

  • Many board members and executives face the challenge of public speaking at AGMs.
  • Speech coaching can help develop clear communication skills, confident delivery, and effective engagement with the audience.
  • Remember: AGMs ensure good corporate governance and foster collaboration between companies and stakeholders.
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